Triathlon Strength Training - Key to Optimizing Performance

Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach, Bob Seebohar, hosts this video and presents strength training in a way that won’t just make you stronger, but stronger for triathlon. You will find out: The key vocabulary and definitions essential to triathlon strength training How to achieve peak performance with minimal risk of injury An innovative philosophy about constructing a year long strength trai... Read More

What to Work on this Off Season - Bilateral breathing

The season is winding down so there's no better time to get to work on our weak points. And for many of us, bilateral breathing may be on the top of that list. For the casual swimmer or pool competitor, it may not be as important. In fact, I remember watching the Olympics a couple months ago and noticing very little if any bilateral breathing. But in triathlon and open water swimming, there ar... Read More

Advice for Your Mental Game

We have had the luxury to speak with several sports psychologists and coaches on the mental game in triathlon. It’s such a crucial piece of the triathlon training and racing puzzle that absolutely cannot go overlooked. Whatever your psychological makeup as a triathlete, you will, at one time or another, face challenges that will test your limits and make you ask the question, “can I go on?” ... Read More

RIO here we come!

The men's Olympic field is set and some familiar faces (at least to us) will be there. Ben Kanute, coached by one of EFTI partners Adam Zucco from Training Bible Coaching, has been on our radar for years. Ever since seeing Ben dominate at Collegiate Nationals a few short years ago, we knew he was on track for greatness. Ben joins fellow Americans Joe Maloy and Greg Billington. Maloy (Wild... Read More

Race Report - A Videographer's Perspective

Since 2000, we at Endurance Films have covered nearly 100 events. And while our videos attempt to tell the tale from the competitive point of view, I thought I’d share a bit of the experience as videographers. I just returned from USAT Collegiate Nationals in Clemson where the scene is nothing short of electric. Fantastically fit collegiate athletes took the stage representing over 130 Col... Read More

The BONK - Triathlon's 4 Letter Word

Bonk - Triathlon’s ultimate Onomatopoeia. Whatever the origin, Bonk is such a perfect term. It conjures up visions of running smack dab into a brick wall and falling face first onto the sizzling pavement, BONK!. The bonk is triathlon's 4 letter word. I’ve heard the term BONK so many times over the past decade. I can’t remember when it was first introduced into the training and racing lexicon...... Read More

The Essence of Ruling Yourself

"Wow" is pretty much all I can say. I saw this link for a video ad pop up the other day on one of my several social media accounts. In one minute and 30 seconds, Under Armour may have captured the essence of true determination and sacrifice of the elite olympian better than I've seen in countless feature length documentaries. Whether you are a fan of Michael Phelps or not, the feeling of power ... Read More

Pride in our Work

Pride in Our Work We've hit many milestones over the years and we've been fortunate enough to be able to set these stones along the same path - working with and creating content for the endurance sport community. Well, there's a brand new stone marking the way. We're very excited to finally share the New and Improved Endurance Films Training Institute . EFTI first launched in November 2... Read More

Jack Johnstone - Leaving a legacy for triathlon generations to come

I just heard the news about the passing of a true triathlon pioneer, Jack Johnstone. While I didn’t know Jack extremely well, he has had a very profound impact on my personal and professional life. For those of you who don’t know, Jack was part of the San Diego Track club and was responsible for organizing (read inventing) what many believe to be the world’s very first triathlon on Mission Bay. ... Read More

FDA Findings - Are Your Supplements Just Fillers?

FDA Findings - Are Your Supplements Just Fillers? As athletes, we have to supplement our nutrition somehow. But are you getting what you pay for? According to this article, the FDA found that in many major chains, you probably aren't! FDA finds majority of herbal supplements at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, and Target don’t contain what they claim – instead cheap fillers like wheat and soy p... Read More

Mark Allen Responds To Your Questions

Mark Allen Responds To Your Questions Last week the legendary Mark Allen joined us for a webcast called A Foucsed Mind. People had questions and we didn't have time to get to them all. BUT...we said that if you emailed questions to us, Mark would personally answer. Which he has done! As expected, Mark's answers are very thorough and insightful. The following are the questions we got and Ma... Read More

No Excuses

No Excuses When we shared this, we were overwhelmed. We recently shared this on Facebook. It didn't come from us originally and had already been shared thousands of times. But we were astonished at the continued virility our sharing of it facilitated. Watch as this armless young man competes against "fully armed" athletes in the butterfly stroke. Quite simply, we were astounded and inspir... Read More

Laurent Vidal - The Role Model We Will Never Forget

We're right in the middle of the time of year when we find ourselves reflecting. The reflections are often sweet, sometimes tinged by bitterness of regret. When this is the case, it's important to remind ourselves that the more painful the loss, the more meanigful the relationship. Though we didn't know Laurent Vidal, we've learned so much since his passing. It is clear that he represented the... Read More

Going Deeper with Mark Allen - Exclusive Video Clip

Going Deeper with Mark Allen - Exclusive Video Clip I love hearing artists explain the inspiration behind their work. In his book The Art of Competition, Mark Allen expresses the philosophies that made him a legendary triathlete. In this clip, Mark explains how weakness gets its power. It's a lesson for sports and life. Read More

Don't Take a Lame Finish Photo

Don't Take a Lame Finish Photo Just a quick tip. We do a lot of age-group triahlon highlight reels and IT JUST KILLS US when we are trying to put a finsh line montage together and everyone crossing the finsh line looks like they just heard their dog died. Yeah, we know you could be hurting, but throw up those hands! Give a thumbs up or even dance a jig! So do us a favor and smile for the camera... Read More

Sports Psychology Advice for Triathletes

Sports Psychology Advice for Triathletes It's a weird time of year, isn't it? A bit cold...wondering what to do different for next season. The brain really works overtime. The psychological game is as important now as it is during the season. That's why we wanted to share this great article we came across from A sports psychologist tells you how to overcome the most common ps... Read More

Power Your House by Pedaling

Power Your House by Pedaling Just imagine that you can workout for one hour at home, and that workout will generate enough power to supply your house of electricity for 24 hours. Now that is what I call great. In the video below, you will be able to get a good view on how the bicycle works and how it is possible to generate electricity at home while simply doing your daily workout. Read More

Endurance Films to Sponsor of the Inaugural 2016 NY TRI EXPO

Endurance Films is proud to announce our official partnership with the 2016 NY TRI EXPO. Our crew will be on scene Saturday, March 19 from 10-6 p.m at Citi Field in NYC to film the action! If you are in the area, you won't want to miss it: Click here for more info and to register: About the NY Tri Expo ’16 Saturday, March 19 from 10-6 p.m at Citi Field in NYC. Kick off triathlon seas... Read More

Triathlete Love: You Tri, Your Spouse Doesn’t

We see you at every race we cover - Triathletes' significant others. Some are triathtes themselves...some are just supporters. With so much time and stress involved in training and racing, we often wonder how "the life" affects relationships. That's why we wanted to share this interesting little read from Triathlete Love: You Tri, Your Spouse Doesn't Can this relations... Read More

Defining and Understanding Recovery

Defining and Understanding Recovery Performance gains can't happen during training. They ONLY happen while your body is at rest...or recovering. Proper recovery is structured and planned just as you plan your swim, bike or run workouts. But most athletes lack the "recovery awareness" that would otherwise help them get past major performance plateaus. In this exclusive video, recovery researc... Read More
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