Endurance Films Athlete's Guide to Yoga Trailer

Sage Rountree presents The Athlete's Guide to Yoga. This DVD, produced by Endurance Films, is the companion video to the bestselling book by Velo Press [leadplayer_vid id="51DD41DC15D76"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Inside the studio 0:21 - Choose from 3 pre-set routines 0:30 - Or design your own custom routine tailored to suit the athlete’s needs Sage ... Read More


It's running season!! A few helpful hints I've found for the hardest part of racing.....Tapering. Tapering isn't just for marathoners. In fact, one recent study showed a huge performance benefit when subjects tapered for a 5K. Here's how to taper for four common road-racing distances: 5K Cut your normal mileage in half the week before your 5K race, but maintain some intensity. Early in the week,... Read More

The Offseason has Begun

Hello everyone, The off season has officially begun! Some exciting things to post along with that. My last race of the season was Tinley's Adventures. I raced the very competitive sprint distance race a week after racing in Los Angeles. The race was fairly successful I took second place overall as well as in my age group... There were a lot of my future teammates participating as well all of whom... Read More

Siphiwe's Ironman South Africa Fundraising Video

Hey EFRT World....Check out my new super amazing Ironman South Africa fundraising video here: http://youtu.be/qYZKVkc_VDM "Siphiwe Baleka, a long haul truckdriver for Prime Inc and member of Endurance Films Racing Team is selling his FITNESS TRUCKING 140.6 organic energy bars in order to take his whole family to South Africa in April 2012 for his first ever Ironman Triathlon. “Financing a... Read More

Season Recap!

This is how happy I am now that the season is over and I get to have some R&R! As I mentioned in my last post, I cant thank my friends, family, teams, and supporters enough for all the energy they have given me this year. This triathlon season was only my second season as a triathlete and it was an amazing, long, and fun adventure. Lets try to remember how the year looked: The winter trainin... Read More

Season of Doing

I have enjoyed being updated on how the team has been doing. This is my off season and a time to focus on my business and family. It has been hard not to exercise and train like I want. I have been doing strength training and some running. The hardest is maintaining the weight. My goal over the winter is to lose about 7 lbs. Thanks Sip for the Burpee exercise. I have added that and my children are... Read More

Off Season Is Just A Bridge Between Dreams Fulfilled and Dreams Ahead

After winning my age group at Rev3 Anderson, SC, I decided to take a break from training for two weeks. The weather was changing, and I wasn't motivated to be training in the cold. I was healthy, injury free and won my last two races which was a great way to end the season. My body and my instincts were telling me that I had had enough and it was time to rest even though I had one more race schedu... Read More

Cycling Video: RIDES New York - Assault on Bear Mountain

Here's another cycling video. The latest installment of the RIDES indoor cycling training series heads up to New York. Offseason training doesn’t need to be you, stuck inside a room... [leadplayer_vid id="51DD41829B752"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here - Clips from RIDES New York The latest installment of the RIDES indoor cycling training series heads up to New York... Read More

Training while Traveling

The last four days I was 2200 miles away from home, in San Diego, California where Endurance Films Racing teammates Diane and Scott live and train. I was there for just 72 hours -- to present at a conference on teaching and learning -- but I still had to find time to fit in two runs of 15 and 5 miles ( marathon prep ) and a swim. I knocked out the week's gym workouts before I left town. I ... Read More

Triathlon Videos: Gwen Jorgensen hams it up for camera

On her way to the event and Elite Series win, the 2012 Olympian had a few words for Endurance Films. Learn more from our triathlon videos. [leadplayer_vid id="51DD4118CD432"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - The camera approaches Jorgensen from an empty part of the track 0:16 - Gwen is startled thinking it’s another racer, then chats happily In this clip - Jor... Read More

USA Triathlon: Elite Series Finale Highlights - Myrtle Beach

In the final race of the USA Triathlon Elite Series, an international field of top elites and Olympians battled it out for both the event and series win in 2011. [leadplayer_vid id="51DD40B416A4B"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Triathletes assemble on the docks 0:25 - Gun fires 0:48 - Onto the bikes 1:25 - Running for the finish In the final race of t... Read More

REV3 Anderson, SC Olympic Triathlon Race Report

[gallery] On Friday, October 7th I picked up a load in Atlanta, Ga which I had to deliver in Norfolk, VA on October 10th. This gave me enough time to stop in Anderson, SC for the REV3 Series Finale. I found out about this race in a full page advertisement in one of the triathlete magazines. I noticed that it was sponsored by Pilot/Flying J, which is a major truck stop franchise, so I thought this... Read More

Morning ride in Southern California

This morning I did my first EVER trainer ride to a DVD. I was pretty skeptical and was not sure how this would hold my attention. It's the rare show or movie that I can actually sit through. No way it would motivate me. I braced myself for some boredom. Turns out, boredom didn't stand a chance. Usually my Coach prescribes the trainer workouts, I have to program them into my Garmin Edge, and then ... Read More

Exorcising Course Demons - Mightyman Half Iron Race Report

Background: 7 years ago they announced a new half iron race in Montauk, NY and it was my first race season. At the beginning of my season I thought what a great idea to end the season in beautiful Montauk, by the end I was completely dreading my decision. I'm not one to step down from a challenge and when i set my sights on something I go for it so once it was in my head it was game on. In 20... Read More

Rainy Day Marathon

Freezing, down pour, windy, awesome!! Three days off the plane I didn't expect much from this race. A couple of people I was coaching were doing this run as there first marathon so my goal was to make sure they started and finished. I tried to do a short run two days before and couldn't even do 3 miles. My lungs felt strained from my asthma attack at Worlds. I decided I would listen to my bo... Read More

Duathlon World Championship Adventure

Entry #1: travel woes Duathlon World Championship. Just typing it is exciting. I never thought I would be a world class athlete. Now I’m training with the best of New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and others. The trip started with trouble. My bag was too heavy and the bike fees increased. So there I am in the middle of the airport unloading my bags of nuts and protein shakes and trying t... Read More

Race Report: Giant Acorn Sprint Triathlon

This sprint triathlon at Lake Anna, NW of Richmond, VA was a late addition to my race schedule. It was just one town over from Mineral, the epicenter of the recent earthquake. This was intended to be a low-key, fun, getaway wrap-up to the season with my friend Krista. Coach called it the “icing on the cake” race. I envisioned a relaxed little event with plenty of sunshine ( and maybe rainbows and ... Read More

Triathlon Videos: Powerman Muncie Sprint

EFRT stud Siphiwe Baleka blisters a frigid course to take 1st in his AG and 5th overall! Way to go zulu roadmaster! Learn more from our triathlon videos. [leadplayer_vid id="51DD406728EF0"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:17 - Trucker Siphiwe Baleka prepares for the race 2:03 - Outside in the cold 2:36 - Cut to Siphiwe dolphin diving out of the water 3:05 - Baleka a... Read More

Powerman Muncie Sprint Triathlon Race Recap

After Age Group Nationals in Burlington, VT I was motivated. I had a great race and I had a whole month - all of September - to train for my last three races of the season starting with the Powerman Muncie Sprint Triathlon which was today. I met my training volume for the month and was running very well. My swimming has been good the last two weeks to. This had me thinking and visualizing my sprin... Read More
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