Homemade Energy Gels for Endurance Athletes

Perfect for Cyclists, Swimmers, Runners and Triathletes Those brand name energy gels and bars are expensive. So make your own! We fell in love with this recipe we found on trailrunnermag.com added a powerful natural supplemental punch! Lemongrass Essential Oil promotes healthy digestion and boosts your body’s natural immune response. It also tastes great! Get your doTERRA Lemongrass oil here. ... Read More

Relieve Painful and Tired Muscles with doTerra Deep Blue Rub

First things first - In our email, we were talking about that therapeutic cream that we saw every masseuse using on the Tour de France cyclists... Deep Blue Rub by doTERRA - We tried it and were hooked! It really is a powerful, recovery enhancing, fatigue reducing product that we and many top-level endurance sports professionals use every day. You’ve got to give it a shot! Click here >> Click ... Read More

DDR Prime and Peppermint Essential Oils by Doterra

Powerful All-Natural Antioxidants for Fast Recovery. It’s a simple fact that nature provides the most powerful nutrients that can help us best recover from training and reach optimal fitness. And, as we’ve been talking about, Essential Oils are incredibly concentrated sources of these. As promised here’s two Essential Oil recommendations you use to enhance your performance today: 1. DDR Prime b... Read More

Post Endurance Workout Recovery Smoothie

Peanut Butter - Banana - Berry Sundae Smoothie: Endurance Recovery Smoothie Recovering Nice and Smoothily! Here’s that craving curbing, energy blast of a smoothie we were talking about. It’s an amazingly efficient way to get essential nutrients back into your body so you can recover and train at your best. The Sundae Smoothie 1 frozen banana 1 handful frozen berries BE SURE TO FREEZ... Read More
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