Final long run done...ready for Boston

This past Wednesday was my last and longest long run. It was kind of strange to do it mid-week but it was what made the most sense for my taper and training schedule and a Monday race. It was cold ( feels like 26 ) and blowy and snow globe-y the whole time. The previous day had been crazy busy, not relaxing, and I did not sleep enough. But one can't require perfect conditions to get the head into ... Read More

Endurance Films Becomes an Official Sponsor of Race2Rebuild

Moving video promotes racing program in support of the reconstruction of homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy Louisville, KY – March 27, 2013 – ENDURANCE FILMS, the leading producer and distributor of endurance sports training multimedia, is pleased to announce their official sponsorship of Race2Rebuild, an organization dedicated to rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. A poigna... Read More

Savin Rock Half Marathon Race Report-What a difference a year makes

​Going in to this race I knew I was going to have a personal best due to the way my training was coming along, even though I wasn't targeting it. I had been digging myself in a big hole for weeks, and I finally was able to climb out of it a few days before this race mostly because I didn't do a long run last week. The plan was and always has been to train through my running races all winter and... Read More

Cort's Birthday Triathlon

I'm 26 36 46! No kidding! Yesterday was the big day. The whole age/number thing is pretty meaningless to me (unless of course I'm aging up to a new age group for racing). I know 70-somethings who are incredibly youthful and 30-somethings who are old. I'm not a big celebrator of particular days like birthdays in the traditional way. I'm a celebrator of every day. But this gave me an excuse to ... Read More

A day in the life...

Rise and Shine Beautiful! I actually dont set an alarm and tend to rise somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30. The first thing I do before anything is walk out to the kitchen and hit the coffee pot on. I always "prep" the coffee the night before so that I can literally stumble into the kitchen to find the button. I always eat a banana and drink a cup or 2 of coffee and then I like to be out the door or ... Read More

Warhawk Triathlon

My first official " Pro-Season " is set to kick off in a mere 3 weeks! Wow, time sure does fly. One of the things I like to do to get ready for the season and sort-of run through the motions, is find a fun little sprint to test the waters. Its good to remind your body what it feels like race morning, what it feels like to have anxiety, and how to deal with it. Practice T1 and T2 (every second c... Read More

Lessons from Running Keep Coming

Saturday was my second-to-last long run before Boston and I enjoyed 22 miles under a warm sunny sky at a consistent pace that left me feeling awesome and READY! This was happy me after I finished. It was the best I ever felt at the end of a long run or marathon and following a nap and some food I was good to go. It got me thinking about how marathoning, really any racing or triathlon-ing, is best... Read More

Phil White - Keynote Presentation, 2013 Triathlon Business International

Cervelo CEO, Phil White, addressed triathlon industry leaders at the 2013 Triathlon Business International Conference. [leadplayer_vid id="51DFD4E5CB4A5"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:30 - Entrepreneurs - why bother? 11:55 - Trial and error at Texas A&M 22:09 - Financing triathlon brands 33:17 - Triathlon and cycling 45:03 - Why get into the triathlon market 52:46 - ... Read More

Gary Hall Jr. - Keynote Presentation, 2013 Triathlon Business International

10-Time swimming Olympic Medalist, Gary Hall Jr., addressed triathlon industry leaders at the 2013 Triathlon Business International Conference. [leadplayer_vid id="51DFD4AD56AF1"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 1:30 - Swimming as a kid 12:34 - Quitting his job and moving to California 21:42 - Struggling with diabetes 32:53 - The terry cloth robe 40:01 - Behind the scenes... Read More

Race2Rebuild for Hurricane Sandy Promo Video

Endurance Films is proud to have been asked to produce this promo for Race2Rebuild, an amazing organization that has launched an initiative to rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. From : Athletes have two opportunities to Race2Rebuild: the Aquaphor NYC Triathlon and the NYRR Staten Island Half Marathon. Registration opens on March 15. Rebuilding Together wi... Read More

Cycling Video: Race2Rebuild for the Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Race2Rebuild is an organization that’s sole purpose is to raise money for the people most affected by Hurricane Sandy. Get involved at A heart warming cycling video. [leadplayer_vid id="51DFD52579B28"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here Endurance Films is proud to have been asked to produce this promo for Race2Rebuild, an amazing organization that has launche... Read More

Let's Race!

I was reading a piece by Coach John Murray of Multisport Performance Institute where he was discussing the role of flip turns for the triathlete. In it he wrote, " If you are trying to beat the athlete in the next lane ( and you probably are ), better turns and streamlining off the wall are a sure method for some free speed ." I just laughed out loud at the " and you probably are " part. So... Read More

Homemade Peanut Butter

I have a few quirks. Okay, more than a few. Today I'll touch on two. #1: I am a peanut butter addict. I could eat peanut butter at every meal (and occasionally, I have). #2: I am a capable but reluctant cook, a condition exacerbated by my comically tiny kitchen. As a conscientous dietitian and athlete, I try to keep my diet clean. But I have never been able to get on board with natural nut butter... Read More

My Road To London March Update

With eight weeks until my first race of the season I'm starting to get excited. I'm feeling stronger and more fit than ever. In the past two weeks I've set both 20 minute and 60 minute lifetime power records on the bike and my running has continued to slowly progress. Swimming has always been a challenge for me, but I'm not far off from where I ended last season so I'm happy to be sitting whe... Read More

Endurance Films Partners With Legendary Running Coach Bobby McGee

New on-demand run training video series available soon Louisville, KY – March 7, 2013 – ENDURANCE FILMS, the leading producer and distributor of endurance sports training multimedia, today announced that it has wrapped principal photography on a landmark online running video training course developed and presented by legendary coach Bobby McGee. Renowned as one of the world’s leading authoriti... Read More

Race Nutrition

In honor of National Nutrition Month I thought I'd give my own personal pre-race and race nutritional plan. I will preface this by stating that I have never sat down with a sports nutritionist and developed this plan, it has just been one of those things that I've developed over time and I stick to it because it seems to work. There are a ton of nutritional plans, ideas, do's and don'ts and I re... Read More

Roast up those veggies!!

That's not just a picture off the internet...those are really my veggies in my oven. If I had one piece of advice to offer someone who was trying to clean up their diet, I would say add more veggies !! They will fill you up, keep you sated longer, and are a great source of vitamins and minerals. And if you can buy locally-grown and in-season, all the better! The way I eat now is pretty radicall... Read More

Recipe: Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I found a recipe for these recently and tried them after a race, they were absolutely phenomenal and lasted less than 24 hours in our house! They have the consistency of regular cookies so we couldn't even tell we were eating sweet potatoes! These are definitely a healthy treat after a tough training session. The recipe below makes 12 cookies. Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies Prep T... Read More

Chia Seeds the Awesome Endurance Food!!!

Chia seeds are one of the most beneficial foods for endurance athletes not only do they provide essential Omega 3's, super antioxidants, and great fiber content they are a staple for my new diet. In May of 2011 I started to have problems with my GI system and could not figure out what was causing it. I would continue to do the GU's, blocks and gels before certain races to keep my energy going. Lit... Read More
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