Offseason training update

I hope all black and green team members and supporters are having a great winter. Training in Maine is going well, even though the temps have dropped quite precipitously to overnight lows in the -5 to -10 range and some days 'high' temps getting up to 10 or so. But that arctic blast has passed and the normal winter temps have returned. I have been forced onto the dreaded treadmill several times... Read More

USA Paratriathlon Promo

The world's stage awaits - As Paratriathlon readies for its Paralympic debut at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, Endurance Films produced this inside look at elite US Paratriathletes as they reflect on their training, their passion and the unique circumstances that make them inspirations to us all. For more Endurance Zone paratriathlon, see the 2011 Paratriathlon Promo by Endurance Fi... Read More

Improve Run Technique: Avoid the Shuffle

When I came back from my hip injury last winter, after a diagnoses of "dead butt syndrome", I decided the vacation was over for my glutes. Hip rehab got me back to running, but from there my instinct said I needed open up my run stride a bit and give the glutes their job back. It was a subtle change, not to the point of over-striding, but simply allowing for more drive and "kick". It seemed to wor... Read More

Cycling Video: RIDES Las Vegas - Trailer

Join the areas top cyclists and triathletes on a group training ride through beautiful Valley of Fire State Park outside of Las Vegas [leadplayer_vid id="51DFD04982303"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here - An in-depth look into RIDES’ new layout and its’ Wes Hobson-designed workout RIDES: Volume 2 - Las Vegas is the much anticipated second installment in the 'RIDES' training... Read More

Cycling Workout: RIDES The Rockies Trailer

RIDES breaks away from the typical one-hour indoor cycling workout by taking you outdoors and placing you on America’s best riding roads. [leadplayer_vid id="51DFD00109F83"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - What RIDES is 0:20 - Why RIDES is different RIDES ~ VOLUME 1: THE ROCKIES is the first in a series of indoor cycling workout videos that improve fundamental cycli... Read More

Running into 2013--Cdifferent

I dont know why I have been so absent from my dear blogging world. Well, wait, actually I do. Training picked up full swing right after Thanksgiving finished. I managed to get my USAT Coaching Certification in between, get hired as an OutRival Racing coach, throw in some Good Runs, Long bikes, and even more swimming, swimming, swimming. Then came Christmas, family, Dieting, sleep, finalizing spo... Read More

My Road to London Part 3

With the holidays in the rear-view mirror and the triathlon season getting closer every day I'm happy to say I'm still on track. While I did not meet my goal of hitting 170 lbs by 1/1, I still did lose a pound or two over the last month and managed not to put on any holiday weight which is a victory in itself. I'm starting 2013 at a weight lower than my 2012 race weight! I'm going to be a lean ... Read More

Dealing With Training Setbacks

This past weekend I had a few setbacks that I haven't had to deal with in awhile. On Friday I got all set to start my workout and felt great after 10 minutes on the Vasa trainer to warm up. As I got on my bike fora set of 3x15 minute intervals at threshold I couldnt have been in a better state of mind. I felt great mentally and was ready to crush my workout. That was until about 10 minutes in ... Read More

2012 Race Season - An Incredible Year for EFRT!

Triathlons (includes Duathlons, Aquathlon, Aquabike) 53 Sprints 43 Olympics 6 Half iron distance 1 Ironman 9 Duathlon, Aquathlon, Aquabike 112 TOTAL TRIATHLONS Triathlon Placings 18 – 1st Overall 13 – 2nd Overall 10 – 3rd Overall 1 – 1st Masters 1 – 2nd Masters 12 – 1st Age Group 6 – 2nd Age Group 6 – 3rd Age Group 67 TOTAL PODIUMS!! Other Racing 23 Cycling races 44 Road races... Read More

Year changes, goals remain the same

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013. I've been avoiding a big year-end recap / goals for 2013 post but since all my EFRT teammates have done so, I suppose I should too! What can I say that hasn't already been said or blogged about? 2012 was an awesome dream-defying year but I hold firm to my chief goals which have nothing to do with times, placements, speeds, or results. My goals remain to enjoy the sport... Read More

Step 1 to becoming a faster runner: Stop telling yourself you're not a runner

My friend Kat and I have been running a 5K every month (give or take) since 2011 as one of her New Year's resolutions. This past weekend, I had the privilege of racing with her in her first half marathon, and in a few months she'll run her first full. But if you ask her, she'll still tell you she's not really a runner. Kat and I are not so different. Sure, I put in all the training miles and mana... Read More

Triathlon Videos: USAT Youth Triathlon Promo Video

Learn more from our triathlon videos. Take the three things that kids most like to do - go swimming - ride a bike - and run around - and what do you have? Triathlon! [leadplayer_vid id="51DFCFC656521"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Kids swim, kids bike, kids run....that’s triathlon! 0:24 - An early start to a healthy lifestyle 0:38 - USA Triathlon sanctions more th... Read More

Triathlon Videos: USAT Jr Elite Triathlon Promo Video

In this video Jr Elite triathletes compete against each other for a chance to represent their country. Learn more from our triathlon videos. [leadplayer_vid id="51DFCF8D9E173"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Jr elite triathletes competing 0:20 - USAT Jr elite events 0:41 - The New Elite Triathlon Academy & developmental races 1:16 - Jr elite triathletes travel all ov... Read More

USA Triathlon: Collegiates Promo Video

Check out this USA Triathlon video. What happens when you combine over a 120 schools, nearly 2,000 athletes with the nation’s most competitive collegiate triathlon? [leadplayer_vid id="51DFCF5372AD6"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - The schools, the athletes & the sport 0:21 - Student interviews - why they love this event 0:48 - Why this event has become the most exci... Read More

My thoughts on training during a busy time in life.

I’ve been meaning to write an off season blog about different methods I use to maintain baseline fitness throughout the fall and early winter seasons and how I incorporate different workouts into a busy schedule. I’ve been working on this blog for quite some time now because I’ve been just that: busy. Like many other age group athletes, I’m trying to maintain fitness while spending time with my fa... Read More

A Look Back at 2012

[caption id="attachment_3564" align="alignleft" width="180"] Bucks County Marathon 3:17 - 1st in AG[/caption] 2012 was definitely my breakout year in multiple ways for my multi sport lifestyle. I set Personal Records in all sports and in all distances. In Triathlon, I set PRs in the Sprint and Olympic distances (including all 3 legs). In running, I set PRs in all distances, from 5K to Mara... Read More

2012 Mileage Totals!

2012 Goals Vs Actual Swim- 200,000 yards (mix of pool/Vasa Trainer) Completed 215,271 Bike- 4,000 Miles- Completed 5,758 miles Run- 1,000 Miles- Completed 1,198 miles Weights- 25 hours- Completed 15.5 Hours I backed off on the weights even more than I expected to this year and the it has helped me drop unnecessary weight and worked on becoming more efficient. It seemed to have worked... Read More
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