I hope all black and green team members and supporters are having a great winter. Training in Maine is going well, even though the temps have dropped quite precipitously to overnight lows in the -5 to -10 range and some days 'high' temps getting up to 10 or so. But that arctic blast has passed and the normal winter temps have returned. I have been forced onto the dreaded treadmill several times, already greatly surpassing last years total. But the plan is still going ahead and the effort is paying off. My focus on pool and bike work (trainer only with the dark mornings, let alone the temps) has led to some nice gains. I am now able to knock out 300yd intervals in the pool at the same pace I was hitting for 100yd intervals not that long ago. Encouraging. On the bike I have been spending a lot of time in the 'sweet spot' and have seen my FTP bump up accordingly. Keep up the good work everyone, race time will be here soon!   [caption id="attachment_3723" align="alignnone" width="225"] Trail running is in hibernation.[/caption]


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