What You Should Know About Heat Illness and Exercise

Staying Safe and Healthy When the Heat is On The heart of Triathlon season, as well as the season for people getting more active in general, coincides with rising temperatures of the Summer. Naturally, we're all eager to maximize time outdoors, especially after winter keeps us cooped up. However, knowing how our bodies function under the stress of heat is imperative. Heat illness can be devast... Read More

Joe Friel's - The Key to Athletic Success

We have quite a lot of video content from Joe Friel inside EFTI. With good reason. He's one of the top triathlon minds in the world. He's coached everyone from World Champions and Olympians to beginning age-groupers. He's also the author of The Triathlete's Training Bible - the most successful triathlon training book ever. This article, The Key to Athletic Succes , from Joe's personal blog is... Read More

Joe Friel takes a Question

Just saw a simple, but universal blog post from our good friend Joe Friel. It is a question to Joe from a coach, but we know questions like this resonate with a lot of athletes who don't have the luxury of a personal coach. Thanks Joe: Question on Heart Rate: For some unknown reason I’ve recently received the same basic question three times in emails this week. The question has to do with using... Read More

50 Ironman Races in 50 States in 50 Days! The Ironman Cowboy's Story

Crazy? Amazing? A mix of both? Yeah, probably. Even 5 states in 5 days would blow us away. Anyway, here's the story from the Santa Cruz Sentinel... Technically, if a person planned to work out for 14 hours a day for 50 days straight, and spend most of the remaining 10 hours traveling, the first few days should be the easiest, right? James Lawrence must hope that isn’t true. Lawrence, also k... Read More

GO USA - U.S. Women Grab Second Podium Sweep of 2015 at WTS London

Big shout out from EFTI to the U.S. Women who swept the podium at WTS London! Check out USA Triathlon's article and photo: LONDON — Gwen Jorgensen remains on track to defend her 2014 ITU World Championship title, picking up her 10th straight win in the ITU World Triathlon Series and leading a U.S. podium sweep for the second time this season. Jorgense n (St. Paul, Minn.) used her signature r... Read More

Inspiring - Tandem bike makes triathlon accessible for mother-daughter duo

Sometimes we want to share a story just because it makes us proud to be part of the triathlon community. Well, this one comes all the way from Alaska… It was about 10 years ago that Wendy Leseman watched a video about a father and son who completed an Ironman Triathlon in mind-boggling fashion. Because cerebral palsy left his son unable to swim, bike and run on his own, the father attached a ro... Read More
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