If at First You Don't Succeed. USA Triathlon National Championship Weekend Race Report

Pre Race: I was really looking forward to the weekend and a shot to see how much I improved over last year. I have been having a really good season to date, and I wanted to see where I stood against the best triathletes in the country. One thing unique about this years championship is that the world championship race it qualifies you for is held on the exact same course that the Olympic Triath... Read More

Just keep swimming: Tuesday morning pace work

This workout is designed to be done at solid effort, but not all out. Notice the 100y times in the main set get slightly faster (these times are for a 25 yard pool). As a point of reference, my 100 meter swim pace at USAT Nationals was 1:23, which roughly translates to 1:15 per 100 yards. The goal of this workout is to hold yourself back a bit in the beginning so you are able to make the harder in... Read More

The Only Wind I love

The Windy City and my favorite city may be the only time you actually see the words love and wind in the same sentence. Unless, I guess we are talking about a tail wind! The Windy city will never let you down. Its food, shopping, architecture, art, and scenery are all just phenomenal . [caption id="attachment_2864" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Buckingham Fountain with the city in th... Read More

Rev3 Maine olympic distance race report

On Sunday, 8/26, I raced the Olympic distance of Rev3 Maine. This was the inaugural event for the location and it went well. Oceanfront location, great weather and logistical coordination made it a perfect setting to race. There was one less than ideal obstacle to the setup, due to the layout of the buildings and availability for a transition area. After the swim exit, there was a run to T1 of... Read More

Building Mental Toughness to Get to the Finish Line

By Coach Lora Erickson “Blonde Runner” Mental toughness is a characteristic of successful athletes; but how do you obtain it? Is it something that we are born with or develop? In my opinion the answer is a little bit of both. I think some people are naturally born with the ability to push themselves through pain and do well under pressure, while others seem to crumble when the pressure is on.... Read More

Aqua Sphere Ironman Speedsuit

The Endurance Films Racing Team was very excited to learn that Aqua Sphere had chosen to sponsor us and we received our gear last weekend! I was already a fan. I've exclusively worn Aqua Sphere goggles since I began swimming four years ago. At the time, I searched reviews and discovered that their products were the most highly regarded, particularly among triathletes. I selected the Aqua Spher... Read More

Sharing triathlon experiences with Cubscouts

I had a great opportunity to share some experiences I have had in triathlon with a group of Cub Scouts and parents last night. It's such a thrill to see new excitement and have people ask me questions as they become curious about this wonderful sport. It truly is a well balanced sport that conditions your entire body and pushes you to new heights. Triathlons are a blast! Coach Lora Erickson “... Read More

Race Review: USA Triathlon National Championships - Concussion

Wow this was an exciting event and even though this race didn’t go as planned and had a very different outcome for me than was expected I am greatful for the experience and have learned a lot. Preparations started for this race well over a year ago when I first qualified to attend it. I was thrilled to qualify just one week after last years Nationals experience and I was even more thrilled to lea... Read More

Race Report: USAT Age Group National Championship

This past weekend found me in Burlington, Vermont, for USAT Age Group Olympic Distance National Championships. It was like deja vu as my coach and I loaded up her car and headed to LAX for our cross-country flight, just like we had done a year prior. We had even booked the same hotel. One wonderful difference between this year and last, however, was all the teammates I would be meeting there. For ... Read More

Overcoming recent injuries, part 2, a recap of 2012 Tri sprint nationals

Casey Bateman, Seth and Walt Rider and Wendy Endsley are happy triathletes after eating Breakfast at the Vanderbilt's Shelbourne Farms near Burlington before the National Tri Championships 2012 Last week I competed in the 2012 Tri Sprint Nationals with hope and trepidation. The hope found in good training, a healthy lifestyle, and good race prep, and trepidation that I had re-injured my Achill... Read More

Race Report: USA Triathlon Nationals

A meet-up on the lake bike path: Cort, Laura, Diane This weekend the Endurance Films Racing Team came together in Burlington, Vermont for USA Triathlon Nationals. Seven of our original members (Nick, Sip, Diane, Laura, Scott, Casey, and me) met up with five of our new members (Corey, Lora, Megan, Tom, and Bill), along with Danny Kolker and Eric Feller of Endurance Films, and Zane Schweer ... Read More

A Simple Note To Say Thank You

As much as it was said many times over the weekend but a huge thank you needs to be said to Danny and Eric for starting this last year and keeping it going and fueling it to be stronger this year. Yesterday I saw Danny & Eric all over the course filming and working hard as they were all weekend as I'm sure all of you did. Also a huge thank you to Zane for being there for all of us when we had a ... Read More

Triathlon Videos: 2012 USAT Age Group Sprint-Distance National Championship highlights

Watch as sprint-distance competitors battle it out at the 2012 USAT Age Group National Championships. . Another one of our amazing triathlon videos. [leadplayer_vid id="51DE8C0C10C45"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here . - Highlights and interviews from Burlington, Vermont in 2012 The day after a thrilling Olympic-distance race, the largest ever sprint-distance National Champ... Read More

Triathlon Videos: 2012 USAT Age Group Olympic-Distance National Championship Highlights

Check out highlights from the 2012 USAT Age Group Olympic-Distance National Championships from Burlington Vermont in this Endurance Films’s video. Another of the amazing triathlon videos we have. [leadplayer_vid id="51DE8B7D9401D"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Introduction 0:30 - Starting Whistle 0:50 - Onto the Bikes 1:20 - Running 1:40 - Finish line Enduranc... Read More

Triathlon Videos: ITU World Triathlon San Diego promo

Get a glimpse of all the action that made this ITU/USAT event an instant classic, as well as one of the premier races for international triathlon. Learn more from our triathlon videos. [leadplayer_vid id="51DEAF349342C"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Will you be there? 0:30 - The IUT World Triathlon San Diego 1:02 - Interviews with competitors 1:39 - Pro events and ... Read More

Tour De Scott and 40K TT's

Beach Lounging ;) I feel so so so terribly lazy, yet I have been so busy (sorta!). Basically, I went on vacation with Dustins family to Gulf Shores, Alabama (on the border of Florida). In between weekends we did two races just as fun tune-up workouts before the main event, ChICAGO! ( which I am leaving for tomorrow)! It really was a great trip, and everything I needed: Time with my love, his fam... Read More

Triathlon Training: USAT 2010 Art & Science of Triathlon

The 2nd installment of the world's foremost triathlon training symposium boasts over 15 hours. Whether a serious athlete or coach, the information in this series is indispensable. [leadplayer_vid id="51DEAED2CE929"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - The greatest minds in triathlon brought together 0:24 - Cutting edge innovations 0:47 - All new lectures for 2010 USAT... Read More

Triathlon Apparel: Champion System Custom Multisport Apparel

When it comes to custom triathlon apparel there really is just one company you want to deal with. Come see why Champion System has everything you need [leadplayer_vid id="51DEAE5D84CC8"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here - Champion System’s custom apparel on display The goal of Champion Symptoms is to let the customer be their own brand by allowing them to custom design and o... Read More

Brunswick Fast Food Challenge race report

Yesterday I competed in the third annual Brunswick Fast Food Challenge. This race is not for everyone, as you have to eat a LOT of food over the course of running 2.5 miles. I was back to defend my title from last year, but some stiffer competition also would be in the mix. There were several runners in this race who are much quicker than I am, luckily I can eat at a fast pace to try and stay c... Read More
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