Roll Call: Racing Snafus

We just read about Nick's wrong turn as he led a 5K race and was misdirected . Things happen, and even the pros face the unexpected race day snafu. I recently read how Meb Keflezighi inadvertently left a plastic Breathe Right strip in his shoe, but nevertheless ran to a PB at the NYC Marathon with it digging into his foot the entire way. It ultimately led to an infection, which he recovered fro... Read More

Ironman South Africa Training Weeks #9-#13

It's 8:32 am on Saturday, January 28th, and my infant son is sleep in my arms as I sit and type this. I've already rode 71.7 miles while watching "Endurance" (documentary on Ethiopian distance runner Haile Gebreselassie), the Ironman documentary "140.6", and episode 1 of The Ultimate Fighter Season 14. I've also ran 4 miles, showered, made coffee for my wife, warmed up the car, cleaned the snow of... Read More

Sponsors Rock!

One of the many reasons being a part of the endurance films team is great is the love we get from our sponsors. We recently had a new headwear sponsor come on board and I was psyched when I got home and had a package from Sweatvac ! There’s just something about getting a new piece of training equipment that makes you want to go out and train in it. I immediately put on my headband to keep my ea... Read More

Overnight Oats

Need something new to try for breakfast?? Alot of people skip over breakfast, but this meal is the most important meal you can eat all day- so why not have fun with it!!?? Have you ever heard of or tried Overnight Oats ? Ok, they may not look that great, BUT They are soooo easy, and so delicious! So Basically, I decided to make this batch because I had just a wee bit of peanut butter left.... Read More

The Gift of a Team

Heading into our first race season as a member of the Endurance Films Racing Team would like to thank Endurance Films for taking a giant leap to create an Age Group team and for each of our amazing sponsors taking that leap with them and supporting us on every training day on and off the race course. I think that sometimes we overlook the opportunity to say "Thank you" and let you know that we ap... Read More

Endurance Films' Yoga Video "IS" For Athletes

Okay, I don't know about you but I tried going to a couple of yoga classes. I kept falling over, the instructors kept trying to get my body to contort into their poses, and I hated it. All that deep breathing in a small room filled with people who obviously hadn't brushed their teeth made me want to throw up, the poses upside down made my head feel like it was going to explode and the eyes close... Read More

The Funny Thing That Ended Up in My Running Shoe at Hawaii 70.3!

I competed in the Rhoto IronMan 70.3 in Kona in June 2011. I went with my training buddies and a couple of nights before the race we had a few bottles of wine. I wanted to keep a cork so I tossed it into my room. Funny thing when I packed up my transition bags I never found the cork. I finished the bike in under 3 hours and I’m in transition with the volunteers who shout out your bib number an... Read More

Who's Who in SweatVac?

The team is enjoying the new SweatVac gear! Match the picture with the triathlete: Liz Baugher, Siphiwe Baleka, Cortney Martin, Scott Endsley A. B. C. D. Who are we??? Turn your computer upside-down to read the answer below!! (uıʇɹɐɯ ʎǝuʇɹoɔ ˙p ɹǝɥbnɐq zıן ˙ɔ ɐʞǝןɐq ǝʍıɥdıs ˙q ʎǝןspuǝ ʇʇoɔs ˙ɐ) Read More

Roll Call: Favorite Triathlon/Endurance Related Books

What are your favorite triathlon/endurance related book(s)? Metabolic Efficiency by Bob Seebohar and Paleo Diet for Athletes . [ Laura Bergmann, 30, Ranson, WV ] I just finished reading Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights by Alex Hutchinson. The book was great! It covered all the fitness myths, training truths and other surprising discoveries from exercise science literature revie... Read More

EFRT Interview: Siphiwe Baleka

When I first met Sip at Age Group Nationals, it was like greeting an old friend. He’s that really warm and welcoming kind of guy who sees the best in everyone. His energy, enthusiasm, and high standards are infectious. 2011 was an incredible year for him – two National Championships at the 2011 US Masters Spring Nationals swim meet, his first (yes, FIRST) triathlon in May, selection for the Endura... Read More

If the Beanie Look Works for Meb...

....perhaps it will work for me! SweatVac has come on board as the headwear sponsor of the Endurance Films Racing Team . Check out the beanie...just like Meb!! It's timely too because the temps have dropped and my cute fleece hats from last year's Old Navy collection have been leaving me feeling like I am wearing a wet washcloth on my head by the end of a run. The SweatVac gear is a big step... Read More

Roll Call: Hobbies Outside of Triathlon

Triathlon can be an all-consuming activity when added to work and family, but it's important to have other ways to unwind. Members of the Endurance Films Racing Team were asked, what are your hobbies and interests outside of triathlon? How do you relax and recharge? I like to hike, although I didn't get much do last year. I'm also a big football fan....Go Giants! [ Nick Logan, 30, Norwalk, C... Read More

Speed and Endurance Focused Lower Body Strength Training

After the marathon in November it was time to switch up the strength training program for the off-season. Kurt proposed a plan that focuses on race speed, particularly the bike and run. I thought I'd share part of this approach, particularly for those endurance athletes who have vowed to add strength training in for 2012! The current split is: * Power focused leg and back day – lower reps in ... Read More

2011 Totals!

Inspired by Cortney's post I decided to look up my totals on Training Peaks as well. 2010 Logged workouts Swim-200,637 yards Bike-3090.93 miles Run-982.39 miles- Weights 27.45 hours 2010 was a big year for me volume wise and ended with me hitting my ultimate goal of qualifying for Team USA at long course nationals. I'm pretty sure I missed logging a bunch of workouts towards the end of the ... Read More

The Vasa Ergometer: Taking a Plunge Out of the Pool

[caption id="attachment_1373" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Feeling an "Erg" to stay dry this winter...Endurance Films' Danny Kolker on the Vasa Ergometer."] [/caption] “A Paradigm Shift”…Sounds like something pretty cool. Also sounds like some kind of sci-fi techno babble, as in, “Captain, the ship’s shields are failing. She can’t take another paradigm shift!” Nevertheless, a "paradigm ... Read More

A New Year at Endurance Films…Broadcasting EVERY DAY in FULL RESOLUTION

There’s a lot we want to do this year. New stuff. Bigger Stuff. There’s also a lot of stuff we did last year that we want to do better this year. Notice that I said we “want” to do this stuff. I am, by all means, staying away from that certain cliché. C’mon, you know what I’m talking about. That’s right – RESOLUTION. Not that I’m against being resolved…to find yourself in the eye of a storm comp... Read More

DVD Review: Mastering the 4th Discipline - Triathlon Transitions

I'm four months away from my first triathlon of 2012, but I'm already thinking about ways to race smarter, tighten things up, and shave precious time where I can. Transitions provide an opportunity for time savings with minimal physical effort, so why not try to capitalize on that? Honestly I thought I knew most of the "tricks" for transition. After all, I've done fifteen whole triathlons (!!) an... Read More
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