Exclusive Preview - Training for Endurance Running by Dr. Joe Vigil

Dr. Joe Vigil discusses an athlete's biological adaptations to meet maximum performance capabilities. This is an exclusive excerpt from the soon to be released "USA Triathlon Art & Science of Triathlon Video Series #3." With nearly 18 hours of the most cutting-edge and time-tested triathlon knowledge from some of the world's leading authorities, this brand new third series features an array of co... Read More

Successful bike time trialing

Successful bike time trialing, whether in a bike event or triathlon, requires the same level of the "3 BIG P's": planning, preparation, and performance. Apply these BIG 3 to your biking, and in your life, and you will succeed! Many athletes confuse planning with working out some of the details of the race before hand, and knowing the bike will be ready race morning. Proper planning requires pre-ru... Read More

USA Triathlon: Age-Group National Championships Promo

Endurance Films produced this promotional film to showcase both the venue of Milwaukee as well as the talent and dedication of it’s Age-Group competitors [leadplayer_vid id="51DFCEB3B7736"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Showing up in Milwaukee 0:27 - The race begins 0:44 - Onto the bikes 1:20 - Racing to the finish line Get ready Milwaukee! Now that USA Triathlo... Read More

Turkey Dash 5K - Avon, Ohio

This was year four of doing a Thanksgiving Day 5K and my third year joined by my nephew Evan ( who I like to point out is a 2x Ironman at age 23 ). I do love this tradition!! This year, we are at my sister's in Cleveland rather than my folk's in Pittsburgh so we ran the Karen P. Nakon Annual Turkey Dash in Avon, Ohio, one town over. This suburban race attracted over 1200 participants!! Thanksgi... Read More

Pairing Endurance Films' RIDES Indoor Trainer Workout and Trainer Road

For anyone who uses Trainer Road for their indoor cycling tracking and/or uses the RIDES DVD series to keep motivated, the two can be paired. I will warn you that using them together will hurt, since you then have the added pressure of holding a certain power number that equates to the effort prescribed by the DVD. But you certainly get the benefit from the pain. Or will next season anyway. Yo... Read More

My Kind of Offseason

The offseason is that time of the year that is associated with being lazy, putting on a few pounds, and carrying on with your old life before triathlon took over the schedule. My offseason began full swing after the Oilman triathlon as I boarded a plane to head to Boulder, CO . I was lucky enough to have Tru Tri send me to Retul for my bike fit certification, and my friend Kelly decided to ... Read More

Endurance Films Racing Team relies on TrainingPeaks

The Endurance Films Racing Team is proud to be supported by tremendous sponsors such as TrainingPeaks . TrainingPeaks is the gold standard for planning, tracking, analyzing, and sharing multisport workouts and it is used by coaches and athletes worldwide. Some team members have been using the system for years while others adopted it upon joining the team. Regardless, we agree that it would be dif... Read More

The Season Finale

So much has happened in the last week that I barely had time to sit down at the computer...I am finally getting around to my LAST race report of the 2012 season and luckily its a good one! The Oilman race is a 70.3 distance race in Conroe, TX. Its a fast swim, hilly bike through the state forest, and flat 3-lap cross country style run. The thing that is so awesome about local productions is 1)... Read More

Endurance Films Announces the Release of RIDES Florida - Paradise Road

Eighth volume of Endurance Films Cycling Series now available for order Louisville, KY – November 14, 2012 – ENDURANCE FILMS, the leading producer and distributor of endurance sports training multimedia, today announced the release of RIDES Florida – Paradise Road , the eighth edition in the RIDES series of Indoor Cycling Videos. RIDES Florida joins a continually expanding series of indoor... Read More

'ABC Quick Check' before every bike ride

Before most rides, I inflate my tires, pick the bike up, and give each wheel a quick spin. Today I did not. ( My apologies to friends and sponsors at Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles who have certainly taught me better .) Hmmm, can you guess where this story is headed? I left the house on "Ace" the road bike to do a short-ish ride with some quality tempo/recovery repeats. The bike was not shif... Read More

Reservoir Run Half Marathon- A successful training day

I decided to run this half marathon last minute while on my Saturday morning bike ride. However, I hadn't fully committed to run it until I was up and ready to go on Sunday morning. I figured I was going to run a 10 miler anyway, and since this was on roads that I routinely bike on and only a 15 minute drive from my house, what was another 3 miles? I promised myself if I was going to run, I wa... Read More

USA Cycling: Coaching Summit Video Series

This collection of the presentations from the USA Cycling Coaching Summit documents nearly 20 hours of instruction from some the best cycling experts in the world To comment on this video on YouTube, click here With nearly 20 hours of presentations from some of the cycling world's foremost authorities, this comprehensive video series is an indispensable resource no matter the level of the ... Read More

Cycling Video: RIDES Florida - Paradise Road TRAILER

Join the RIDES crew as they take to the famous Paradise Road in sunny Pensacola, Florida. To comment on this video on YouTube, click here - Welcome to RIDES Florida, with introduction and highlights Join the RIDES crew as they take to Florida’s Paradise Road in sunny Pensacola Florida. Offseason training doesn’t have to be you, in a room, pedaling towards a wall. Let your mind leave the ... Read More

Book Review: As The Crow Flies by Craig “Crowie” Alexander

This book and photo journal follows professional athlete Craig “Crowie” Alexander on his journey through a history making 2011 season where he broke a 15-year course record to win his third Ironman World Championships and pulled a “double” win taking the 70.3 World Championships in the same year. This is an amazing accomplishment. Craig Alexander, a five-time triathlon world champion has now joine... Read More

Time to learn this swimming thing

My goal this offseason is to bring my poor swim up to the level of my bike and run, which are at least mediocre! I have been working on my form in the water and getting much more streamlined. I had nowhere to go but up with my leg dragging position in the water. It has been going well with a lot of focus/concentration and for the past few weeks I have been doing some in-water strength work with... Read More

A glimpse into the start of one off-season

"Off season" can vary greatly from person to person and there's no single roadmap. I guess it depends on how beat up we are from racing, the other demands of life, and preference. Some people ( i.e. me ) want a little more structure, some prefer little to none. I really don't know how most people do their off season. I figured I'd share what mine looks like because I'm curious what it is for othe... Read More

My Road to London Part 1

It's been about 5 weeks since I started my prep for London 2013. I took a complete week of downtime to let my body heal and by day 3 I was itching to get back on the road. By the time I hit day 7 it was time to get back out there. I've spent the last 5 weeks in a run/bike focus in an effort to raise my FTP and to bring my running pace down. Which seems to be working so far. In addition I'm als... Read More

Cycling Video: RIDES Southern California PREVIEW

Clips from Endurance Films’ latest installment of RIDES of Southern California. [leadplayer_vid id="51DFCCB586A53"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Riders assembling 0:37 - Riders roll out 1:17 - Standing climb 1:45 - Downhill sit It's So Cal cycling at it's best. Join top riders in the area as they ride through the majestic foothills and climbs of Saddleback Valley ... Read More
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