Cold Temps and Rough Seas at ITU Age Group World Championships

My wife Wendy and I have had a great time at the ITU World Championship in Auckland, NZ. We fly back tomorrow evening after our last day on the south island, on a ranch near Queenstown. See the attached photos taken of our "farm stay" location. The brown house in the photos is our home this week. Race week was great, eventful, but also relaxing. Staying at the Hilton Princes Wharf, (part of ... Read More

Race Report: ITU Age Group World Championship

I returned from Auckland, New Zealand just two days ago, having finished 10th in my age group in the Olympic Distance Age Group World Championship. Fellow EFRT teammates Megan Severa (below) and Scott Endsley raced there too! This was the race and adventure of a lifetime!! Below is my report on the race itself. I blogged about the lead-up on my Cort the Sport blog so if you'd like more detai... Read More

My First Win!

Normally I wouldn't write a race report for something as short as a 5k, but this race was something special that it was my first overall win of any kind in an endurance event. Going in to the race I really wasn't expecting anything as it was only a month ago I ran a 20:30 after my off-season break. Since then I have been doing a bike/run focus as I start to prepare for London 2013. I have been p... Read More

Big Thanks to our Sponsor Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles

Background. One week prior to Age Group Nationals I was involved in a small crash while on a group ride. This was a group ride that I typically attend, but about half way through the ride the rider directly in front of me was slightly nudged off the road, we were riding in a fairly tight column. When he tried to come back onto the road his wheel caught the edge of the pavement and down he went. I ... Read More

Thank Your Support Crew

As winter approaches and many of us wind down our 2012 seasons most of us take time to look back and reflect on the past few months of racing. Are we satisfied with how the season went? Did we meet or exceed our goals? What could we have done better? How can we improve on training for 2013? While these questions are all important there is usually one question that is not asked. How can I giv... Read More

Bandit Total Body Functional Training System

Here's another great triathlon training workout. BandIt training system is the ultimate way to incorporate functional training into your training routine. [leadplayer_vid id="51DFCC2C3DCF5"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Bandit introduction 0:29 - The Bandit Band "Looking for an effective 20 minute total body workout? Check out Bandit!" [Click To Tweet] ... Read More

Triathlon: Strength Training Promo

This program has been proven in elites and amateur level athletes and will give you the added strength, agility and power required to perform at your peak. To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Introduction 0:18 - Bob Seebohar, USAT Strength & Conditioning Coach U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team Trainer, Bob Seebohar, presents cutting edge, safe and effective strength and flexibi... Read More

USA Triathlon: Bike Transport Promotion

USA Triathlon decided that if it would help age-groupers to participate in the race then they would transport their bikes for them! [leadplayer_vid id="51DFCBB238ED5"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - USAT decides they want more participants 0:46 - Endurance Films Racer Siphiwe Baleka volunteers to drive the bikes 1:12 - Zane Schweer talks about helping people who other... Read More

Dallas Toyota, Winterfest?!

This past weekend was the Dallas Toyota Open , The Championship of the lifetime triathlon event series. I raced in the elite amateur division as a qualifier (from Chicago). As soon as I racked my bike, I saw the other girls I had raced against from the other Lifetime events ( I have also done Captex earlier in the year). The only reason I did this race was because I had the free entry into it, an... Read More

Race Report Giant Acorn International - 2nd Master's

Saturday I wrapped up my last race in the Virginia Triathlon Series , the Giant Acorn International . The weekend event offers an International on Saturday and a sprint on Sunday. And just like last year, the weather was great on Saturday and much colder on Sunday. I was very glad I picked the International, unlike last year when I did the Sunday sprint with my friend Krista and it was in the 4... Read More

Champion System Kits and Apparel: Reviews by the Endurance Films Racing Team

I’ve had a few races in my Champion System gear now, and I couldn’t be more pleased! The fabric is comfortable and wicks sweat away quickly, and the top fits snugly without chafing. I absolutely love the tri shorts. The leg bands keep the shorts from riding up on the bike and the run, but they don’t give me those unfortunate thigh bulges you sometimes see with other brands. The chamois keeps me co... Read More

Kona: Reflections from EF Racing Team members

We asked the Endurance Films Racing Team for their perceptions of Kona, inviting them to share when they first watched, what inspires them, whether they seek a spot to race there. Here are their responses: I’ve been a Chrissie Wellington fan for years, so her absence from Kona this year has left me in a bit of a funk. Luckily, family friend and Wisconsin firefighter Robert Verhelst is competin... Read More


First off, its Oct 1- Wow!! Lets think..Pumpkin, cooler weather, leaves, and applecider. Ahhh, yes that was nice. Anyway, This past weekend we had a wonderful horrific rain storm that didnt want to leave us! The Houston Triathlon, which happens to be my favorite race, turned into an Aqua-thon (swim-run).... and I still dont know how I feel about! I love this race because its local, and a... Read More
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