I’ve had a few races in my Champion System gear now, and I couldn’t be more pleased! The fabric is comfortable and wicks sweat away quickly, and the top fits snugly without chafing. I absolutely love the tri shorts. The leg bands keep the shorts from riding up on the bike and the run, but they don’t give me those unfortunate thigh bulges you sometimes see with other brands. The chamois keeps me comfortable on the bike without holding onto too much water from the swim. I find myself reaching for this kit regularly, even on regular training days. (~Megan Severa) [caption id="attachment_3150" align="aligncenter" width="303"] Megan in the ITU suit...and the gold medal![/caption] I am a huge fan of Champion System gear. This is my third set of triathlon racing apparel and they continue to impress me with both design and comfort. The material holds well throughout multiple races and training events. I have also used their cycling kits and they are just as comfortable and just as useful as the triathlon racing gear. I would recommend Champion System to my friends." (~Bill VanCise) [caption id="attachment_3160" align="aligncenter" width="194"] Bill's passenger finds the CS fabric is comfortable to ride upon![/caption] Recently I was honored to be part of the Endurance Films Racing Team in which we were outfitted in the Champion System Gear. This was the first time I had worn a one-piece tri suit and I must say it was very comfortable and aerodynamic. There was certainly no drag in the water with suit. I also felt that it offered the proper amount of padding in the seat, which I don’t always see with tri gear. I was pleased with the Champion Systems gear and it seems very durable. You can see me testing it out in this photo while I am on a warm-up run before the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Vermont. Thanks Champion Systems! They offer a whole line of products. Check it out: http://www.champ-sys.com (~Lora Erickson) [caption id="attachment_3151" align="aligncenter" width="177"] Lora in the ITU suit[/caption] The Champion System uniforms fit like a glove. I have never been so comfortable. The padding and lining is perfect and doesn’t cause any chaffing. The material is snug, dries quickly, and doesn’t bunch. The zip up back, and look of a 2 piece, but with the feel of a one-piece is great! I would recommend Champion System apparel to anyone! (~Liz Baugher) [caption id="attachment_3155" align="aligncenter" width="223"] Part of the CS collection[/caption] Prior to being selected to be a part of the Endurance Films Racing Team, I had not previously used any equipment from Champion System. I had what I thought to be a pretty good racing kit from another brand, one that I had worn in all of my competitions in the past season and a half. I was not sure how I would like the CS kit as I received it on the eve of Age Group Nationals. But I quickly found I had no reason for hesitation. The Racing Team kit fits very well and at the end of that race I realized something great about it, I hadn't noticed it during the race. No thoughts of tightness/looseness, no notice of any discomfort, nothing at all. I raced again the next weekend and realized more of the same, only this time I did notice something about the gear, the breathability. Water from the swim and sweat from the bike and run disappeared quickly. I am certainly looking forward to many more races in the kit! (~Tom Norton) [caption id="attachment_3158" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Tom gave the race his all in a CS suit designed for performance.[/caption] The Champion System race kit is great. Its comfortable, breathable and I've had no chafing while racing in it. Of course you can’t help but notice the colorful EFRT warmup jacket/windbreaker. I’ve worn it to every race since we received them back in 2011 and can't say enough about the comfort and functionality of it. I’ve worn it on my windier early season rides and washed it many times and the colors just don’t seem to fade. Glad to have Champion System as a part of the EFRT family! (~ Nick Logan) [caption id="attachment_3156" align="aligncenter" width="202"] Nick in the CS polo shirt[/caption] I race in the one-piece Champion System ITU suit and LOVE it. It's very comfortable and doesn't chafe, move, or bind. My previous race suit was made by another well-known brand, but I had two major complaints that are not an issue at all with the Champion System suit. My old suit was tough to wrestle into and out of and it stayed damp through the race! With the fabric of the Champion System race kit, things are dry a short bit into the bike, so I don't finish wet and chilled. I train in the two-piece tri kit and it is my g0-to suit for every brick workout. The tri shorts work equally well on the bike and run. I also enjoy my windbreaker, polo shirt, and running singlet. The colors are vibrant and distinctive and the pieces have held up perfectly. I love the Champion System gear and would consider it the gold standard for race apparel. If you look at the pros, you'll notice the CS logo on many of their kits too! (~Cortney Martin) [caption id="attachment_3152" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Cort, Laura, Diane in 2-piece CS tri kits[/caption]

My Champion System tri race kit fits as well as any other top of the line bike or tri shorts, but without the bulk. The tri shorts fit perfectly around those sometimes difficult-fit areas around the lower thighs, stomach and crotch. Due to the nice elastic finish material on the end of the shorts, they prevent leg warmers from sliding down. The tri racing top fits like a glove, but just the right thickness, so no restriction on breathing or movement. I have also had lots of compliments about the cool look of the kit! (~Scott Endsley)


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