Rob Urbach - Keynote Presentation, 2013 Triathlon Business International

USA Triathlon CEO, Rob Urbach, addressed triathlon industry leaders at the 2013 Triathlon Business International Conference. Learn more from our triathlon videos. [leadplayer_vid id="51E589E41959A"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - The future of triathlon 9:58 - the growth of triathlon 19:58 - Duathlon auqabike and aquathalon expansion 30:18 - Member recognition 40:03... Read More

2013 Triathlon Business International: Andy Potts - Keynote Presentation

Keynote address by Olympic Triathlete and 70.3 World Ironman Champion, Andy Potts [leadplayer_vid id="51DFD46CEAE51"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Andy’s Introduction 2:40 - Andy takes the stage 10:21 - Finding yourself in a position of leadership 20:19 - Finding the right weight 30:31 - Racing into your 70’s 41:14 - Eating strategies 50:44 - Make one better ... Read More

Old Wood Track - College Running with Blonde Runner

This was a indoor track meet I ran in college (I was running for Utah State University at the time). Probably one of my most memorable races for me with a first place finish (I am leading the pack in the inside lane in this photo). I remember the sound and feel of that banked wood track well. Still running after all these years. Coach Lora Erickson Proud member of the ... Read More

Rewards of Training Outside

" Those who exercised outside exercised longer and more often than those working out indoors ." That was one of the recent research results summarized by Gretchen Reynolds in " The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors " for The Well at the New York Times on February 21. I read that piece and was just thinking who exactly who is surprised by that?? Are you at all surprised? Certainly there are time... Read More

Recent Food Adventures

I have not posted some food pics in a while so I thought I would share a few recent food experiences with you. Lent started 2 weeks ago, and being the Catholic that I am means it was time to "give-up" something. Every year I typically give up chocolate. Well, I kind of LOVE chocolate, so I decided I would allow myself to eat "Chocolate", but not cookies/cake/icecream and dessert related treats... Read More

Triathlon Videos: Tri for the Cure Arizona

This video of Tri for the Cure Arizona shows just how powerful a contribution the sport of triathlon can make in people’s lives. Learn more from our triathlon videos. [leadplayer_vid id="51DFD42C3462E"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Tri for the Cure 0:33 - How the race got started 1:00 - Supporting each other 2:00 - Focusing on something besides your time "S... Read More

'Feel the Burn' Swim Workout

Here's a nice 3200 yard workout to get your shoulders back into racing mode. Choose a 100-yard (or meter) base time that's achievable but a bit of a push. For example, 1:30 is a steady but comfortable pace for me at this point in the season, so I dropped my base interval down to 1:25 for this. 200 yard Warmup Two times through: 1oo yard freestyle on 1:25 150 on 2:10 100 on 1:25 Two ... Read More

Triathlon Video: Triathlon Business International - Highlight Video

When it comes to getting your triathlon video made, Endurance Films is the place to go - see why in this video produced for the Triathlon Business International Conference [leadplayer_vid id="51DFD3F898388"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:01 - Mining for Triathlon Gold 0:49 - Modern day gold 1:20 - Triathlon today Triathletes racing to California for the Gold Rush? Onc... Read More

My Road To London February Update

As I start to write this post I have 12 short weeks until my first race of the season which will be taking place in Knoxville, TN. My running has been strong and I've added a 3rd day of swimming to my weekly training. Most weeks I've been able to get out for a decent 2-3 long ride at least once, even though it's been cold. My fitness has definitely been increasing over the last two months and I... Read More

Master's win at Blacksburg Classic 10-Miler

It was a great day to gather with friends for our biggest local winter race! It was in the low-30s and lightly flurrying. I had not been in a great frame of mind the night before and into the morning ( from events unrelated to the run ) but I had the choice to crumple or suck it up. I chose the latter. The day was tailor-made for the "Suck it Up Buttercup" shirt. Coach Jim's race instructions wer... Read More

Du the not so Polar Bear

I have internet and cable re-stored in my apartment (that is another story!) and can finally write my post-race write up! Last Sunday, I competed in my first multisport race of the 2013 year: Du the Polar Bear . The race consisted of a 2-15-2 format. Duathlons are always painful and really anything that has to do with running straight off the bat is just plain tough . There is really no way arou... Read More

Mid-winter training update!

We are about half-way through winter and I am MORE than ready to move into spring and back into racing!! I have a road race this weekend. It's the Blacksburg Classic 10-miler, one of the few road races I do, but a good check-point on my way to Boston. Coach Jim very specifically laid out a race plan that I intend to show that I can follow. Normally I feel some pressure for this home-town race, but... Read More

Add a Little Yoga to Your Life

Yoga has gone mainstream, but it can be intimidating if you've never practiced before or have taken some time off. Here are five reasons you should seriously consider adding yoga to your training regimen: 1. Flexibility. Yogis got it, triathletes want it. This is probably the #1 thing people think of when they think yoga, so there's not much more to say about this one except, "Holy hip flexors,... Read More

SweatVac keeps the team warm through winter!

A lot of us on the team have been battling some crazy cold winter temps - Nick in Connecticut, Bill in Maryland, Cortney in Virginia, Tom in Maine, and Laura in West Virginia. When dressed properly, outdoor bikes and runs are still doable. SweatVac headbands and beanies have been keeping us warm and dry! Read More
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