Los Angeles Triathlon Race Recap

Hello everyone! Friday I travelled down to Los Angeles to compete in my first Elite race. Friday was rather Uneventful, Lauren one of my core supporters travelled down with me for the weekend to watch and take part as much as she could. unfortunately we left a little later in the day which was a plus and minus because there was no traffic but we were both tired when we were taking our turns drivi... Read More

Houston Olympic Race Recap!

This weekend was the Houston TX3 Olympic triathlon. I got invited to this race so I was excited at the possibilities of walking away with net$ gain. At first I was hesitant to do this race with it being a week away from my focus race, but then I figured it would be a good intense workout to feel how I should feel at Dallas. I looked at the roster of "invitees" weeks in advance and knew that this r... Read More

Movie Nights and a new Bike Stand

I got a super sweet surprise in the mail today, a box of DVDs from Endurance Films ! I see some movie nights in the future and will report back on them. The titles include the 5 DVD USAT Training Series, Triathlon through the Eyes of the Elite, Galloway's Marathon Training, Triathlon Transitions, and two Rides bike trainer DVDs. The kids are heading out for a sleepover party tonight...wondering i... Read More

Team USA Excitement

Last year, at the outset of the season I decided my focus was going to be to try to make Team USA for long course racing. My favorite distance to race by far is the half iron and I've always done pretty well at the distance, but it certainly did not come easy. With the excitement of receiving my team gear last night and 6 weeks to go until worlds I wanted to remember how I got here! I decided ... Read More

Swim Workout

Here is a swim workout we did with my team tonight. It was TOUGH! 600 2xsets of { 4x75 Kick Drill Swim 4x25 sprint 4x50 hard } 4x400 @ 80-85% 20ish second rest. (ouch-shoulders BURNING!) 200 Total = 3600 "If I can do it, you can too!" Good Luck! Read More

Training Update

This week is my peak in training as I start to taper next week for October 1 Sprint at Powerman Muncie, IN and October 9 Olympic at Rev 3 Anderson, SC. So far, I am very happy with last week's training. I managed: Swim 5000.00 Yd - 1h 09m 11s Bike 107.35 Mi - 6h 18m 47s Run 26.47 Mi - 3h 42m I'm pretty amazed that I am training 11 hours a week now while still driving 3000 miles a week. I am m... Read More

week of 9/19/11 Update!

Hello Everyone, How is it going? This is my last week before my first Elite Race in LA this coming weekend. I've been studying the course and watching the waves to observe what I will be working through so far it looks to my advantage. This week will be my first taper of my triathlon career and I'm feeling great. I was planning to taper for National Championships this year but as noted in previo... Read More

Roses and Football!

by Liz Baugher - Yesterday I raced in the Rose City Sprint triathlon , which is the south midwest regional sprint championship! It was a great race on beautiful lake Tyler, temperature was perfect, water was great, bike was HARD, and run was flat! The race was a 650m swim, 14.1m bike, and 3 mile run. I knew some of the top girls racing so I tried not to let this discourage me from my overall focu... Read More

Siphiwe and Cortney Meet Up!

Siphiwe was headed up interstate 81, in Southwest Virginia about 20 minutes from my home in Blacksburg, so we made arrangements to meet up. I had suggested he stop by our fantastic long-course pool for a swim but, alas, it was closed for lap swim in the exact time slot when he'd be coming through. Maybe next time. I forgot that our exit is a combo A/B/C exit and very confusing so I told him I'd ca... Read More


Late last night while driving from Carthage, MS to Knoxville, TN en route to Denver, PA, I spoke with my wife about My Dream. You know, that fantasy, that bucket list of the most fantastic thing you would just love to do that costs a ridiculously insane amount of money...Well, yeah, I had that talk with her. And, bless her heart, she told me to go for it. So, five minutes ago, on the strength of h... Read More

Video Interview With The World's Fittest Truck Driver

http://growingbolder.com/media/health/fitness/on-the-road-with-the-worlds-fittest-754196.html (click link for video) Who's ready for a road trip? The world's fittest truck driver is checking in with us from the cab of his truck in Liberal, Kansas, where he was waiting to pick up a load of beef. We first met Siphiwe Baleka at the U.S. Masters Swimming Spring Nationals in Arizona, where he picked... Read More

OffSeason Work

With Work, Kids(Four Children total!! w/ new Baby Hudson Taylor), and Life, I am starting off season early this year. It gives me time to contemplate strengths and weaknesses. This year has been a transition year to say it kindly. Starting a new career in REAL ESTATE, I am a glutton for punishment, has been challenging. This year's off season goals are to improve strength with weight training ... Read More

Group Swimming

When asked how do we get better as swimmers, most of the time you will be asked "how many times do you swim with the masters swim team?" or "have you joined a masters team"? Joining a team can sometimes be very scary especially if your not that great of swimmer. But you have to remember that all these people are here for the same reason you are- to get faster and learn how to swim!! If you think ... Read More

Beijing Triathlon World Championships Sept 2011

Wow! What a venue! The Beijing, China Triathlon World Championships, held last weekend, which I participated in, were awesome! I got my first look at the race venue, which was the site for 2008 Olympic games triathlon, on Thursday for a pre-race swim and bike course review. Of the 400 plus triathlons I have competed in since 1978, nothing compares in quality to this race site! Gorgeous overal... Read More


Ok. I'm a little peeved that so many of my teammates have posted such great reads already and I'm just now getting logged into our new EFRT website/blog. Am I going to be out-blogged, too?! ...LOL. Geez, this team is a bunch of super achievers.... I AM TOTALLY INSPIRED AFTER SEEING THEIR RACE RESULTS AND READING THEIR RACE REPORTS. That said, I have the best excuse for my late appearance. I got a... Read More

The Nations Triathlon in DC

After weeks of terrible and constant rain race weeknd was PERFECT. However, the damage had already been done. The river was overflowing and littered with dangerous debri and sewage. The swim was cancelled. Part of me was really disappointed because I had been working so very hard on my swimming and this was my last triathlon of the season. AFter swimming extra at nationals I felt I hadn't gotten a... Read More

Firmman Half Iron Race Report- Low Numbers Come with High Expectations

Pre-Race The race was only about 120 miles away from home so I decided that I would drive up the morning of which unfortunately called for a 2:30am wake-up call so I could sneak in some breakfast and make sure I had everything before hitting the road. Left the house at 3am and headed out to Rhode Island. I did this last year when I raced Patriotman Half Iron in MA, and I had my best half iron ... Read More

Prerace update for the LA triathlon

Hello again, Today i'm here to update you of the happenings of the past few weeks as we are 13 days out form my first elite race at the LA triathlon presented by herbalife and Champion Systems! After a long trip home for the 2011 USA Triathlon National Championships and a pretty good showing, it was back to the bike again to continue to build my weakness up. I have finally been able to swim every ... Read More

Boston Marathon....let's try this again!

This morning registration opened for the 116th running of the Boston Marathon. I was registered last year but missed out thanks to an injury , so I am determined to make it there this year. I hate unfinished business! I'm looking forward to going as a member of the Endurance Films Racing Team. Maybe I could run with a helmet cam and capture the experience. Of course, that might slow me down and k... Read More
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