Background. One week prior to Age Group Nationals I was involved in a small crash while on a group ride. This was a group ride that I typically attend, but about half way through the ride the rider directly in front of me was slightly nudged off the road, we were riding in a fairly tight column. When he tried to come back onto the road his wheel caught the edge of the pavement and down he went. I was immediately behind him and had no time to react. I crashed into him and then went over his bike and over mine as well. A third rider directly behind me crashed into the two of us. After realizing that nothing was broken on me or the other riders I went into a quick scan of my bike. No major issues other than bent handle bars and brakes. So I thought. I quickly realigned everything and we all continued on the ride. The first rider had some minor scrapes, but again nothing of serious concern. I rode my bike twice after the crash and the only concern I had was one of the gears skipping. So I thought maybe my rear derailleur was out of line. Upon inspecting the rear of my bike I suddenly realized that the left, seat stay had a fairly large crack that ran the entire stay. I immediately took the bike to my local bike shop to get their opinion. Sure enough the mechanic said that it was unsafe to ride and I should get it fixed right away. He gave me a couple of options and a company they normally deal with, but I decided to call Zane at Jack Kane Custom Bicycle Racing. I had previously spoken to Zane at Age Group Nationals about the puncture mark in my Zipp 303’s (sustained during the crash), but this time I wanted to discuss my broken seat stay. Following the conversation I sent a few pictures to Zane and he immediately sent me a quote. Two days later I shipped both the bike and the wheel to Jack Kane in Jacksonville, NC. Zane kept me updated with the progress of the repairs and the final painting/finishing. Previously the bike had a matte black/white and carbon finish. The original design was impossible to recreate so they painted the seat stays black and blended this into the original paint job. On top of this and throughout the remainder of the frame they painted a shiny gloss overcoat, which really makes the frame pop. The whole process took about a month from start to finish and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. Jack Kane’s crew showed passion for their work, maintained excellent customer service, were prompt, and at the end delivered a finished product that looks like a brand new frame. If you ever need repairs to your carbon bike or you want a fresh look for your outdated and worn out paint I would highly recommend calling Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles in Jacksonville, NC. [gallery order="DESC" columns="2"]


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