With the holidays in the rear-view mirror and the triathlon season getting closer every day I'm happy to say I'm still on track. While I did not meet my goal of hitting 170 lbs by 1/1, I still did lose a pound or two over the last month and managed not to put on any holiday weight which is a victory in itself. I'm starting 2013 at a weight lower than my 2012 race weight! I'm going to be a lean mean racing machine come race time! This past weekend I made another running breakthrough by hitting a personal best on both my 5k and 10k in the same race! I am beginning to develop a run speed that I never thought possible, I was almost shocked when I passed the 5k mark and I was battling for 3rd place and I PR'd on 5k. I ended up dropping back on the 2nd section losing 41 seconds over the last 5k to fall to 6th but as I get deeper into the season I know my endurance will come back and I will be able to hold my speed longer. I still need to carve out another 2 minutes or so before I can be competitive in London, but I'm also going to hopefully be about 5-10 lbs lighter. I've started to swim on a more regular basis but still only in the pool at most 2x a week. I'm focusing on getting my bike/run combination as lethal as possible before I start to hit the pool hard again. In addition to using the pool I've introduced a few shorter Vasa Ergometer sessions so that I can hopefully boost the muscular endurance that is lacking from not being in the pool. I'm sitting at about a 1:15/100 short course which is just a tad slower than my fastest sprints last season. I'm hoping with the introduction of the Vasa I will build some strength to get my sprints back to under 1:10/100 by the end of Jan. My bike continues to improve and I'll likely do another test in the next week or so. My endurance is still lacking, but that will come as I start getting out there for the longer rides when the weather is better here in the northeast. I've officially signed up for my first race of the season which will be Rev3 Knoxville HalfRev. I can't wait to see what kind of fitness I'll be able to release on that course!   Summary Stats Weight on 9/24 184 Lbs 12% body fat (start of "off-season" break and gluten free eating) Weight on 11/5 176.6 lbs 9.6% body fat Weight on 12/5 174.0 9.6% Body Fat Weight on 1/8 /13 171.8 8.8% Body Fat 20 min Power on 10/2- 295 watts (have not re-tested since) 3.55 watt/KG 20 Min Power on 11/23-324 Watts 4.08 Watt/KG 5k Time 10/28-18:05 5k Time 12/1617:51 (5:45 Pace) 5k Time 1/6/13 17:30 (5:38 Pace) 1/2 Marathon Time 11/11- 1:25:34 10k Time 1/6/13 36:51 (5:56 Pace) 100 SCY Sprint 1/3/13 1:15/100


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