The men's Olympic  field is set and some familiar faces (at least to us) will be there.  Ben Kanute, coached by one of EFTI partners Adam Zucco from Training Bible Coaching, has been on our radar for years.  Ever since seeing Ben dominate at Collegiate Nationals a few short years ago, we knew he was on track for greatness.  Ben joins fellow Americans Joe Maloy and Greg Billington.

 Maloy (Wildwood Crest, N.J.) led the way for the U.S. men, finishing 11th and confirming his nomination to the men’s U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team as the top-ranked man in the USA Triathlon Objective Rankings System. Maloy finished in 1:47:16, while Spain’s Mario Mola led the charge for the men finishing in 1:46:27.“I really didn’t think about it too much [during the race]. I was just thinking of catching the guys in front of me. But there was definitely a moment, probably around 5k to go, where I realized if you just hold on and you keep moving, you’re going to get your ticket,” Maloy said. “You dream of this situation in your head: You’re running and you realize you’re going to make the Olympics. And realize a lifelong dream.”

 Read up on all the Team USA action from this past weekend's race in Yokohama, Japan. 


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