Bonk - Triathlon’s ultimate Onomatopoeia. Whatever the origin, Bonk is such a perfect term.  It conjures up visions of running smack dab into a brick wall and falling face first onto the sizzling pavement, BONK!. The bonk is triathlon's 4 letter word. I’ve heard the term BONK so many times over the past decade. I can’t remember when it was first introduced into the training and racing lexicon...probably well before that.  But it became popularized around the same time energy/nutrition bars really started taking off.  


What creates the bonk is up for debate.  But what isn’t up for debate is that it is a very real, and quite sucky phenomenon. Often times equal parts physical and mental.  They feed off each other.  The bonk is the triathlete’s mortal enemy and the only way to recover from the bonk is to avoid the bonk at all costs.  


Easier said than done.  


So who better to turn to than Ironman Legend Mark Allen for sage words of advice when it comes to executing a bonk free race or training session.  Mark wisely addresses this issue…


Learn to avoid the Bonk - Click Here for Full Article by Mark Allen


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