The season is winding down so there's no better time to get to work on our weak points.  And for many of us, bilateral breathing may be on the top of that list.  For the casual swimmer or pool competitor, it may not be as important. In fact, I remember watching the Olympics a couple months ago and noticing very little if any bilateral breathing.   But in triathlon and open water swimming, there are so many reasons why bilateral breathing should be a skill mastered by everyone - whether it’s fighting the traffic, dealing with the current, chop or other water conditions, sunshine, holding the correct line.  

But don’t take it from me. Sara McLarty, arguably the best triathlon swimmer of all time, breaks down bilateral breathing and how to add it to your tool bag...

----> There are multiple reasons triathletes can benefit from being able to comfortably breathe to both sides while swimming. Breathing bilaterally helps create an even stroke, which moves a swimmer straighter through the water. A more balanced stroke will build muscles evenly, making an athlete less likely to have injury. And breathing away from the wind, waves, chop, and sun can be way more pleasant on race day.

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