What does the word “Healthy” mean to you? It probably makes you think of being free of diseases, at a normal body weight, with low body fat…And, eating the RIGHT foods! Our partners at ProFormance would agree with all of those things. However, the last one can be a little more complicated to master! Yes, eating the RIGHT foods is important for staying disease free, maintaining a healthy weight, and living longer. But what are the RIGHT foods?  Are those foods termed “fat free,” “low-fat,” or even “organic,“ the correct ones to include in your diet? These are just some of the more confusing terms that you may find on the package of your favorite foods. Well, today we’re here to set the record straight!Here are a few you may be surprised to learn about…sauce veggies 1. Sauced Frozen Veggies- Remember when your mother told you to eat your veggies? Well these aren’t the kind she was talking about! Veggies that are sauced contain twice – sometimes TRIPLE – the amount of calories as simply dressing them with a little bit of olive oil or vinegar. And, most of those calories are coming from fat, sodium, sugar, and other artificial fillers that only add to your ever-expanding waistline. So skip the dressed up veggies and opt for the fresh, frozen kind. 2. Labeled “Organic”- The latest buzz word in the nutrition industry: organic. And, it has taken a lot of people by storm. However, just because it’s free from pesticides and preservatives, does not give you a reason to overindulge. In fact, most organic products contain the same – if not MORE – calories than their un-organic counterpart. So be wise when you get organic food. Look at the label and compare the calories, sugars, and fat that are contained in the product if you ever want to shrink your belly. veggie chips3. Chips made from Veggies? – Veggie chips may be attractive to the weight-loss seeker. They are veggies right? They seem to be chips that are good for you, but in actuality, they may be just as bad as eating regular potato chips. Deep frying anything – including veggies – does nothing but strip away the nutrients, making them a fat-filled snack treat. It would be in your best interest to avoid these deep fried, packaged “veggies” if you want to boost your fat loss. 4. Sugar-free anything- Even though a product is labeled sugar-free, don’t be deceived into thinking it’s better for you. When manufacturers take out one nutrient – sugar, in this case – it needs to add something in to make up the difference. What do they normally fill it with? You guessed it! Added fillers, artificial ingredients, and fat! So these products may only boost your belly fat, instead of stripping it away! asparagus
Highly Recommended Vegetables
Brussel SproutsCauliflower
Romaine LettuceChinese Cabbage
Use Sparingly Due to High Carbohydrate Levels
Winter Squash
Vegetables to Avoid
  If you’re into the whole weight loss game – which everyone today is – then avoiding these foods will accelerate your fat loss and give you better results in the long run. Avoiding these food products that contain added fillers, fats, sugars, and preservatives will not only help your waistline disappear but give the energy you need to have a productive work day.


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