The first hour of your day sets the tone for how the rest of the day is going to go. Disagree? Remember that morning about a month ago, when you woke up late, in full freak-out mode because your alarm didn't go off? In the first few seconds of your eyes being open, you realized that your entire day was going to be totally screwed. You were going to miss that traffic window when it's not a complete disaster and that 9am meeting. You spent the next 30 minutes racing around like a chicken with its head chopped off getting yourself and the kids dressed, bookbags packed, lunch money handed out (cause there was no time to make them, you were lucky they got breakfast). Your heart raced, half the things you needed to get done weren't, you missed things at work, wound up with whatever you could forage at the ofice for breakfast, which  was a heck of a lot less healthy than your usual smoothie. The entire rest of the day felt out of sync. You were exhausted before the day had even begun. Still disagree that what happens in the morning sets the tone of your day? For me, if I'm not settled and my day starts off on the wrong foot, there is no hope of recovering. The whole day is going to be a mess. Now, I know there are things I can't control, like traffic, the weather or other people missing appointments, but it's critical that I do everything I can to make sure that I get my day started in a way that will set me up for success. A few weeks ago, I asked you on Facebook how you start your day. I got back some great answers that I thought I would share, including how I start my own. My day does not begin without essential oils and taking care of my skin. This is a necessity for me; if I don't manage my well being, things go downhill fast. I never leave my bedroom without my morning skin care care routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. I've also dealt with IBS symptoms for years, so I don't step foot out of my bedroom without using my protocol for my digestive system including a little frankincense under my tongue, among other things. I can't even think about facing the day until those two things are taken care of. Once my face and my digestive system are taken care of, I will go downstairs, let the dog out and do a quick sweep of the house to straighten it up. It's really important to have a clean, neat environment so that I'm not distracted by it or lose time looking for things in it. I tend to go to bed before the rest of the family, and I have to say, it's amazing how much damage they can do after I go to bed! A morning sweep ensures everything is where it needs to be so I can get done what I have to. It goes a long way to help reduce stress in my day. Then, I check email and get some work done on the computer before anybody else is up. When the initial scan of email is done, I make a superfood mix smoothie with peppermint oil, raw cacao, maca powder, banana, almond butter, pour myself a huge bottle of water that I'll carry around with me for the day and then I am out the door for a workout. Having the right balance of nutrition starting with the first thing you put in your mouth for the day is so important to being able to maintain your energy throughout the day and will support your body when the stress starts to hit. I cannot stress this enough – Good nutrition takes some planning and you want to make sure your day starts off right. Start your day with sugar cereal and you're going to have a mess on your hands. So, what are some of YOUR suggestions? There were lots of votes for green smoothies, lemon water – both warm and cold and  lots of fresh fruit and veggies, some with a little protein added. Great suggestions. There are several coffee drinkers among you, which isn't bad as long as you keep it to one cup with as little milk or sugar as possible (I would prefer to see you kick the cream-and-sugar habit altogether but I know enough not to mess with people's coffee!), and make sure to drink plenty of water after to rehydrate what the caffeine steals. Another GREAT suggestion was oil pulling. Swilling around a teaspoon of coconut oil (or any other oil if you don't like coconut) for about 20 minutes daily is an ancient Ayurvedic method that is said to pull toxins out of your body. It is also said to help with cavities and plaque. It whitens your teeth and they feel great when you're done brushing in the morning – even one of the ladies from my marketing team said it curbs her appetite! Taking a probiotic first thing in the morning is another good one. You want to take a probiotic on an empty stomach and wait about 45 minutes before eating so try to make it the very first thing you do. By the time you've had your shower, gotten dressed and the kids going, 45 minutes has flown by, and the probiotic has had a chance to do its thing, balance out your gut. Our modern lives wreak havoc on our digestive system and a good probiotic is a great preventative measure. Finally, what a perfect way to create a calm mind and get your heart rate and metabolism up for the entire day, than with some yoga. Setting yourself up to win the well-being game really does start the moment you wake up. If you get into a routine that will support the rest of your day, you'll have more energy, be calmer and have the strength to make it to at least Happy Hour! TIP: Take baby steps. If you know you have to revamp your morning routine, pick ONE thing to change at a time! For example, start off by keeping a water bottle by your bed so that water and your probiotic are the first thing you grab. Once you've got that down and it's automatic, add something else, like a sun salutation or two. I've just shared some great ways to start your day – what's your routine? Share here, on Facebook or Twitter! Written by Hayley Hobson – Health and Wellness professional and Endurance Films partner. We are proud to have partnered with Hayley and Wes Hobson, industry leaders in sharing the life enhancing benefits of plant based foods and therapeutic grade alternatives to health care, including essential oils.  To find out more about how to nourish, heal and recover naturally, click here, fill out this form and she will get back to you!


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