Recorded at USA Triathlon's 2008 Art & Science of Triathlon Coaching Symposium, this is the original 12-hour collection of triathlons best. Learn more from our triathlon videos.

[leadplayer_vid id="51DFD3588D6B3"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here - Highlights from the speakers at the 2008 Symposium Kairen's Corner Photography & Digital Arts USAT, America's governing body of the sport of triathlon, presents "The 2008 Art & Science of Triathlon" lecture series. This 12 hour international symposium is an in depth look at the most cutting edge techniques and training philosophies brought to you by the leading minds in the sport. Whether you are a serious athlete or coach, "The 2008 Art & Science of Triathlon" will educate you on the future of triathlon training.

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