Learn more from our triathlon videos. In this clip, The USA Triathlon Training Series introduces you to it’s top-of-the-line coaching staff as well as it’s method for transforming you into a champion

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0:01 - Showcase of Volume 1 featuring Mark Allen

0:47 - USA Triathlon’s mission 1:18 - What the 5-DVD set contains EF - 0011 - P Led by triathlon’s best minds, this series of DVD’s will take you to the nation’s best coaches as they give you the secrets to training for success. In volume one the most dominant triathelete of all time, Mark Allen, gives you the secrets to come out on top. For the very first time the coaching that train’s America’s best has come together to help you! In this clip, The USA Triathlon Training Series introduces to how the world’s best train in the only official series from USAT.

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