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Static Core Work is a great exercise for building a strong core including all your front abs, obliques, and low back muscles.

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0:11 static core exercises

0:17 moving to plank position

0:50 moving to side plank

1:28 returning to center

140: reverse plank

2:20 boat pose

3:00 back to the ground

3:35 second side

4:00 both sides

4:35 back to child's pose EF - 0162  

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In this routine from the video version of the best-selling book, Author and Coach, Sage Rountree, guides the athlete through a series of centering exercises designed to focus the body and mind. To get more information on the full video, please visit: http://endurancefilms.com/store/The-Athlete-s-Guide-to-Yoga.html  


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