Calculating Improvement-Cycling Power Workout Analysis

Late last year I started teaching Computrainer classes at a new local bike shop with the purpose of creating a program to increase power over the winter and allow athletes to hit the ground running come spring time. I have kept track of my own progress over that time period to essentially make sure that what I have prescribed for these athletes is working. Since we are training on indoor bikes... Read More

Coaches wear a lot of different hats

Coaches wear a LOT of different hats. I thought about that especially this past week as Coach Jim donned the extra hats of Sports Psychologist, Life Coach, and Psychic/Mind reader. I've been a little higher maintenance recently. I try to be pretty low maintenance as a coached athlete - be clear on my goals, follow the plan, bring my best to workouts, log my data and times, etc. I strive to be p... Read More

FYF Duathlon Recap

Here we are, my first race of the season is complete and I am writing my first official race recap of the year! Heres a pic of me getting my bike out of the trailer..sporting my Endurance Films ear warmer of course! This weekend started the season with Frost yer fanny Duathlon (2-15-2). As mentioned in the previous post, I won this race last year, so I had to come back to attempt to defend my ... Read More

Blacksburg Classic 10-Miler

February 18, 2012 I raced in my hometown Blacksburg Classic 10-Miler. It was in the upper 50's under a bright blue sky at 1 pm. Today the sky is white with heavy flurries and temperatures in the low 30's. Not only did mother nature cooperate, but so did my body, which no master's athlete takes for granted. I tweaked my hip the week before the race and had a short and painful run just two days pr... Read More

Hellllllo Race Season!

Race season is finally upon us....and I. AM. SoO. ExCiTeD! There comes a point where training becomes tedious and your just ready to race. You can feel it in your bones, your muscles and your mind! I am ready to just get out there and test the waters. I have trained hard for about 2 months with solid base, and even though I may not be at peak racing potential, racing is just a fun way to mix up yo... Read More

Another Race, Another PR!

This past weekend I ran the 3rd race of the local running series that I have run for the last 6 years or so. When I first started running I decided that if I wanted to learn how to run in triathlon I needed to learn how to run with the runners so I found this series which is arguably the most competitive series in my home county. This year has been a record field and while I have gotten faster a... Read More

High Note

The season is about to begin. I am at a tough stage in life with time management skills being pushed to the limit. Balancing making a living in this economy, children at home that are at the age to start sports, needing to be a good husband, but also wanting to stay fit for triathlon and compete at a high level. There are many workouts at odd times of the morning, day, night, and sometimes with... Read More

You never know until you try

Friday afternoon my son Grant and I went to the gym to play around some and to just get a bit of time together. The last two days had been very rough and chaotic and this proved to be the absolute highlight, turning things around and clearing my busy brain. Grant is a great gym partner - he's focused on a quality workout, energetic, and happy! I did back and biceps and he hit all the major body ... Read More

January Recap!

So we have one month down in 2012 so far and it hasn’t been a good one for training for me. The beginning of the year started with me kicking my ottoman in my living room so hard that I had a severely bruised(if not broken) toe that caused me pain even to walk on for 2 weeks. This obviously cut in to my training as I wanted to rest it and have it heal ASAP. It did however kill my plans of doing... Read More
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