Not Just Another Day at the Beach: Nautica Malibu Race Report

On Sunday, September 16, I joined about 3,000 of my closest friends for a scenic day of fitness at the Nautica Malibu Classic Distance Triathlon. The race, which is also a fundraiser for Children's Hospital Los Angeles, is close to my heart because it was my first official triathlon way back in 2009. Three years ago, I was a nervous wreck and spent the three days prior to the race debating the pro... Read More

Endurance Films Rides Videos

Rock on! I just received a shipment of videos from Endurance Films. I am super excited to get to view their Rides videos. Wa-hoo! Winter will be in Utah before you know it. Thanks Endurance Films! Read More

Playing the Hunter and the Hunted-Westchester Triathlon Race Report

Pre Race: I originally was supposed to go out to Oklahoma to do the Long Course National Championships but I had been doing a lot of travel the last few weeks and I was really wiped so I decided at the beginning of the month to cancel my flight and hotel and stay local. My training since Pumpkinman has been minimal and I had not been having really good training sessions when I did get out the... Read More

Words to describe me as a coach

A few months ago I celebrated my 40 th birthday. For the majority of those 40 years I have absolutely loved to promote health in any way I could. I believe it was noticeable to others early on in my life and it was obvious to me that it was something I felt strongly about. That passion for health promotion has just intensified as I have grown older and I can’t imagine myself doing anything els... Read More

Project Swim Improvement

Like many 'adult-onset' swimmers, swimming is my weak link, my Achilles heel, the chink in the armor. I continue to work at it, year-round, and I've seen my average swim rank percentiles climb slowly over the last few years (68th, 71st, and 76th percentiles). This year, mid-season, Coach Jim and I noticed my pool improvements weren't really translating to my races as we expected. I'd had enough. ... Read More

Super Amazing Fresh Guacamole

I got a great deal on some avocados at the store today, so I was super excited to make some fresh guacamole for my family. It got rave reviews from my family: "super delicious" "amazing" "yummy" Yep, I think we've got a winner here! Enjoy 3-6 small avocados diced Dash of lemon or lime juice ¼ cup of diced onions (I don’t really measure much, but I think it was about this much) 4 cloves... Read More

Trip Report - Sea Level to 14,000+ feet in 2 days

As you can see from my previous post, after my Back-to-Back-to-Back weekends of Olympic Distance Triathlons I was in much need of a vacation. Nothing like an Altitude Adventure into the heartland of Colorado! Over the past 4 weeks, those 3 Olympic Tris in 3 weekends weren't that hardest thing I've done. That goes to this Colorado adventure with my Dad and Brother! I was planning on it being so... Read More

Race Reports – 3 Olympic Triathlons in 3 different states in 3 weekends

Age Group Nationals 8/18/12 – Burlington, VT – 2:20:10 It was great meeting all my EFRT members! Even though we are all from different parts of the country, I truly feel like I'm part of a close-knit team. And if I do any destination triathlons I’ll be sure to look up any teammates the area! ;) Swim – 1500m – 26:53 Water was rough, sun was bright and I definitely got lost. I mayyy ha... Read More

A tale of Two Races- Pumpkinman Triathlon Festival Race Report

I had heard so many great things about this race in years past I decided to go and find out for myself this year. I always like going to race in new places and since I had never been to Maine before I was excited to try it. Pre-Race: Since I has never been to Maine before I decided to go up a bit early and check it out. I should have known when we couldnt actually stay in Maine how remote... Read More

Endsley Family Rocks Tri Rock San Diego!

It was a great weekend for the family. I finished first in the 55-59 division, my wife Wendy was first in the 45-49 division, and Wendy's dad Sterling (70+) did the relay with my daughter Elizabeth (15) and her friend Emily (15) to finish 8th out of 25 relay teams. Their team had the oldest and youngest competitors of the whole race! Read More

Triathlon Videos: Mental Tips: Visualizing Success - The SCIENCE OF TRIATHLON

In this clip from SCIENCE OF TRIATHLON sports psychologist Bruce Gottlieb delves into the inner workings of the triathlete’s mind. Learn more from our triathlon videos. [leadplayer_vid id="51DFCAF6C28C5"] To comment on this video on YouTube, click here 0:14 - How clean is your mind? 1:51 - The power pyramid 4:02 - Maximizing your mental capacities for peak performance 6:10 - Conscious in... Read More

Turning Training into a Family Event

[gallery] This past weekend I ran a local 5k called the Kentlands/Lakelands 5k Run/Walk and Kids Fun Run, which is one of the largest local 5k’s and is also a USATF certified course. Not only did the race provide a rather challenging course through the Kentlands/Lakelands neighborhoods of Montgomery County, MD, but it also featured a very popular Kids Fun Run that we thought our 17 month old son ... Read More

Thumbs-Up for Aqua Sphere Goggles

The team has been really excited to be training and racing in their Aqua Sphere goggles. Bill said, " This was my first experience using Kayenne goggles and I was amazed by the clarity and the field of view. I can only imagine how handy that will be in the open water. They were super easy to adjust with the Quick-Fit buckle and no leaks after 3500m! I would definitely recommend giving them a sh... Read More

Now that I'm not training, I love training . . .

I almost didn't make it to Burlington, VT for the USAT Age Group National Championships. A lot happened 24 hours before my flight. I still had not been able to swim due to my bike crash. I had chopped off part of my thumb while cooking. When the taxi showed up at 4:30 am to take me to the airport, my wife and son did not come with me. I lacked confidence, I was without my family, my spirit was bro... Read More
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