Over the last couple of days I have had a sense of extrememotivation..inspiration...positive emotions. I can see myself achieving my goals...And it couldnt of come at a better time. Captex is one week away-- In exactly one week I will know if I can run with the big girls, or will I fail again? I have been chasing this dream for over a year now, and its time to do it.

So how did I achieve this sense of "I can do anything, If I put my mind to it"? Well, I attended an Ironman. Ironman Texas to be exact.
Now, everybody says, once you watch an ironman, you will want to do one yourself. Ok, I have watched enough to count on one hand, and I STILL dont want to do any Ironman. However, I do believe that, when theres a will theres a way. The things we can make our bodies do. The extreme measures we will go through... all the emotions in the world combined into one event. Thats Triathlon. Its just crazy how much we are capable of. Obviously the pros are amazing. But theres one lady who truly swept the stage away. That lady was my Coach- Michelle LeBlanc!
Look at that picture, Doesnt it just say it all!? Michelle competed in her very first Ironman this past weekend, and came out 2nd OA female, in a blazing9:53, with a first Marathon run of 3:29!! Absolutely amazing!! Watching her smile throughout the whole process, knowing that she had experienced a full range of emotions that day, made me want to do the same. The next day on my long ride, there wasnt any amount of pain that could stop me from continuing on. If these people can do an Ironman, I can most certainly make it through this one itty bitty workout. ORR, you are an amazing group of racers/volunteers/friends and athletes!
Another thing adding to my list of Motivation, is that I finally received myChrissie Wellington book!
I have been waiting all year for this thing, and I CAN NOT put it down! Reading about her life, her struggles with weight that any female athlete goes through, her travels, her drive to always be the best...well, reminds me alot about me. I think this is why Chrissie can relate so well to all of us triathletes, because we are all type-A personalities and always want to be the best that we can be. We strive to hold the best jobs, write the best articles, have the most money and of course find the best way to be the fastest we can be. The one thing that is really inspiring to me about Chrissies life long journey is that, yes she has a degree in XXX, BUT she followed her heart to find out "who she really was". I just finished my masters degree in Meteorology, and here I am living a triathlon career. The total opposite of what I "Should" be doing. But what does it really matter. Yes I should be making *** amount of money because of my degree, but does money matter? I am happy with what I am doing and I have to start somewhere to do what I want to do with this new lifestyle.
I talked to one of my best friends, Kate before I went to bed last night and she reminded me that I amazing at what I do. She told me how she was almost jealous of what I did; to adventure away from what life tells us to do and try something new. As Always, thanks Kate for the great talk ;P
Here goes nothing!!


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