The following lectures are part of the 2012 USAT Art & Science of Triathlon International Coaches Symposium. Featuring some of the triathlon world's greatest minds, this series is perfect for any coach or serious athlete.

Overcoming Obstacles: My Journey Back to a 4th Olympic Games - Kemper

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Featuring: Hunter Kemper
4-Time Olympian, Kemper inspired many by capping his comeback from a fractured elbow and subsequent infection with a dramatic fifth place finish to qualify for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team.

Fueling and Hydrating the Higher Level Triathlete - Ryan

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Featuring: Monique Ryan
Learn the latest in high level endurance sports nutrition and hydration from one of the leading authorities on the subject.

Unexplained Underperformer Syndrome

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Featuring: Dr. Max Testa
Dr. Max Testa is a sports medicine physician whose methodology emphasizes the importance of a fine tuned human engine to help athletes reach peak performance.

Creating Financial Stability While Following Our Passion - Byrn

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Featuring: Gordo Byrn
Byrn shares his experience and knowledge to help you successfully grow your coaching business.

Run Mechanics and Drills, Practical - McGee

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Featuring: Bobby McGee
Learn run mechanics and drills for practical application from one of the world's foremost run coaches. McGee is a run specialist who does work for numerous triathlon federations, including the ITU.

Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes - Seebohar

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Featuring: Bob Seebohar
Bob Seebohar is a nationally known, board-certified specialist in sports dietetics, a strength and conditioning specialist and a USA Triathlon certified elite and youth/junior coach.

Preparation for Competition to Maximize Performance - Carlson

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Featuring: Brad Carlson, CPT, RTSm, MATS
Carlson has been the Muscle Activation Specialist for USA Triathlon National Team members Hunter Kemper and Sarah Haskins since 2010.

Mental Skills - Wittenberg

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Featuring: Dara Wittneberg
Learn to balance the rigors of triathlon training with the demands of every day life.

Time Constained Training: Implementing Strength & Conditioning on Limited Time - Grabert

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Featuring: Derek Grabert
Time constraints are always an issue in triathlon training, and the first thing to go is your strength training. Learn how to effectively implement strength and conditioning when time is limited.

Paratriathlon Classifications - O'Neill

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Featuring: Julie O'Neill
Understand the process of athlete classification for paratriathlon.

Paratriathlon Training - Sortino/Harsch

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Featuring: Mark Sortino & Peter Harsch
Experts shed light on training paratriathletes.

Yoga for Triathlon - Rountree

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Featuring: Sage Rountree
Internationally recognized yoga authority, Sage Rountree, presents an overview of yoga practices and the benefits to endurance training.

Periodization for Advanced/Elite Athletes - Mantak

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Featuring: Melissa Mantak
The 2010 USA Triathlon Coach of the Year outlines periodization for advanced and elite athletes.