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Run Mechanics and Drills, Practical - McGee

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Featuring: Bobby McGee
Learn run mechanics and drills for practical application from one of the world's foremost run coaches. McGee is a run specialist who does work for numerous triathlon federations, including the ITU.

Triathlon-Through the Eyes of the Elite MP4 Download

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MP4 Download - With the 2012 Olympics now in the books...see where it all began. This highly acclaimed film documents the formation of the first ever U.S. Triathlon Team as the sport debuted in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Get an inside look at the passion and dedication of the elite athlete.

Yoga for Triathlon - Rountree

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Featuring: Sage Rountree
Internationally recognized yoga authority, Sage Rountree, presents an overview of yoga practices and the benefits to endurance training.