USA Triathlon Training Series 5 DVD Set

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From Triathlon's national governing body comes the first-ever training series produced officially by USA Triathlon and Team USA. This dynamic, comprehensive 5 DVD series covers every facet of the sport and features some of the world's most renowned talent!
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Triathlon: Getting Started - Vol. 1 USAT Training Series

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NOW SHIPPING -  Legendary Triathlete and Coach Mark Allen presents the fundamentals of triathlon...from choosing a race to crossing the finishline and everything in between.

Triathlon: The Run - Biomechanics and Drills - Vol. 4 USAT Training Series

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Olympic and internationally acclaimed run coach Bobby McGee shares insights and philosophies that have propelled him to be one of the world's leading authorities in the sport.

Triathlon: The Swim - Drills and Racing Strategy - Vol. 2 USAT Training Series

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From the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, 2007 USAT Coach of theYear Mike Doane and U.S. Olympian Andy Potts illustrate proper swim technique, drills, pool/open water swimming strategies and more.  This is volume 2 of the USA Triathlon Training Series.

Triathlon: Strength Training - Vol. 5 USAT Training Series

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U.S. Olympic Team Trainer Bob Seebohar reveals cutting edge, safe and effective strength and flexibility methods designed to enhance triathlon performance. Learn how and when to incorporate periodized strength training into your triathlon training plan. Optional CEU Exam available at additional charge.

Team USA Tandem Pack

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Combo includes the USA Triathlon Training Series and Triathlon Through the Eyes of the Elite. With triathletes of Team USA going for gold in London, take this opportunity to learn from the best and understand what it means to be one of them.