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Featuring coach Amanda Leibovitz. Amanda works to integrate the mental and physical elements of endurance sport to meet the needs of athletes and help them unlock their full potential to successfully reach their performance goals. Talking points:
- What is sport psychology and why is it important?
- Is sport psychology only beneficial to athletes who are struggling or have a problem?
- What are the key mental skills that athletes should focus on?
- In the world of triathlon, there is a lot of talk about mental toughness. How does this fit into a triathlete's training regimen?
- How can coaches work to best address the mental needs of their athletes?
- How can triathletes without a coach work to integrate mental skills into their training?


Coach/Presenter: Mark Sortino, Team MPI

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TriMinds brings on the top coaches, experts and talent in multisport to tackle the topics you have in mind.

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