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Welcome to this special FREE PRESENTATION of TriMinds. Race season is almost here! And what you do now will make all the difference. In this Episode of TriMinds - Come out of the Off-Season Right! - Tips to set up a successful season. Just some of the topics covered include :
  • Training load
  • Focusing on weaknesses
  • Mindset
  • Real world success stories
Our host, Team MPIs Mark Sortino is a highly renowned and experienced coach work spans the country to athletes of every level and includes close ties with USA Paratriathlon, Challenged Athlete Foundation and Semper Fi Fund. Guest, pro triathlete and coach Kevin Everett, has a wealth of success, both as an athlete and a coach. Hes an LA Triathlon and Pacific Crest Tri winner, as well as a 4-time NCAA swimming champion and All-American. Kevin is the HEad Coach at SatoriFlow in Boise, Idaho. If you want to see more, get a FREE 30 DAY SUBSCRIPTION to EFTIJust click here for more information!


Coach/Presenter: Mark Sortino, Team MPI

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TriMinds brings on the top coaches, experts and talent in multisport to tackle the topics you have in mind.

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  • Eric S Feller, 2/19/2015