Four Keys: To Long Course Triathlon Training

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Hot Deal!!!To finish an Ironman,  you’ll spend at least nine months building “the vehicle” that will carry you through your first race. But your success on race day will depend less on your vehicle and more on the choices you make, and execute, as the driver.

With over 1000 Ironman finishers to their testament, coaches Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann condense over 12 combined years of long-course coaching into four basic laws, or keys, of racing. Their wisdom provides a simple but empowering strategy to Ironman racing that will ensure your success on the big day.

Learn how to:
  • Set the right pace
  • Avoid the most common mistake in Ironman racing
  • Finish with a strong marathon
  • Turn hills into your biggest ally on the bike
  • Mentally prepare for “the wall”