The Athlete's Guide to Yoga

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Yoga makes good athletes better imparting flexibility, balance, and whole-body strength, creating improvements in form, efficiency, and power

Triathlon: Strength Training - Vol. 5 USAT Training Series

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U.S. Olympic Team Trainer Bob Seebohar reveals cutting edge, safe and effective strength and flexibility methods designed to enhance triathlon performance. Learn how and when to incorporate periodized strength training into your triathlon training plan. Optional CEU Exam available at additional charge.

Bandit Functional Training System

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Incorporate functional training into your triathlon workout plan. The BandIt resistance band and workout is designed to increase endurance & strength while minimizing muscle fatigue for long distances.

Endurance CORE

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This follow along strength and conditioning program is designed specifically for the endurance athlete. Workouts are divided into several easy to follow endurance sport specific routines including novice, intermediate and advanced progressions.

Performance Stretching

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An informative and motivational sport specific stretching routine. It has been scientifically designed to enhance athletic performance, increase the body's recovery time post workout, and prevent nagging or acute injuries.

Endurance Nutrition

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Nutrition expert and ultra endurance cyclist, Steve Born, answers these and many other questions inside Endurance Nutrition. Gain top advice on how you can dramatically improve your training, racing and health through a simple, well thought out endurance nutrition plan.

Off Season Training Pack

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Not just for the off season, this special offer combo pack includes everything you need to improve your strength and flexibility. Featuring "Endurance Core" for strength and conditioning and "Performance Stretching" to improve range of motion and reduce injury.

USAT 2008 Art and Science of Triathlon SERIES 1

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3 DVD, 12 Hour Videocast includes files for iPhone/iPadĀ®
USA Triathlon presents an in depth look at the most cutting edge techniques and training philosophies by the leading minds in the sport. 8CEU available

Building Confidence Every Day

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Learn the scientifically-based techniques to make your mind and body work together to achieve a performance breakthrough. This is the same material taught to Olympic athletes and cadets at the United States Military Academy to help them unlock their fullest potential.

Triathlon Core

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A Strength and Conditioning System for Triathletes from Newbie to Elite in a comprehensive DVD/eBook combo.

The Next Level: Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

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Created by expert coaches and athletes focused on your performance. We will show you how to put together each workout and perform every exercise to abolute precision; this ensures your training will be safe and effective.