USAT 2012 Art & Science of Triathlon SERIES 3

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NEW! Earn up to 18 CEU for USAT certification! (up to 10 CEU may be submitted per certification period)
This is an official USAT product. See details for USAT rules.
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USAT 2010 Art & Science of Triathlon SERIES 2

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2010 Art & Science of Triathlon - SERIES TWO DVD SET
The 2nd installment of the world's foremost triathlon training symposium boasts over 15 hours. Whether a serious athlete or coach, the information in this series is indispensable. USAT and ACE CEU Available
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USAT 2008 Art and Science of Triathlon SERIES 1

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3 DVD, 12 Hour Videocast includes files for iPhone/iPad®
USA Triathlon presents an in depth look at the most cutting edge techniques and training philosophies by the leading minds in the sport. 8CEU available

Running Mechanics for Triathletes - Lecture by Bobby McGee from Art & Science Series

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Running Mechanics with Bobby McGee - International and Olympic run coach Bobby McGee shares insights and philosophies that have propelled him to be one of the world’s leading authorities in the sport. Also included is an exclusive sneak peek of USA Triathlon’s first ever video training series, featuring some of McGee’s most essential run drills guaranteed to have an immediate, positive impact on any athlete’s running technique.