USAT 2012 Art & Science of Triathlon SERIES 3

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NEW! Earn up to 18 CEU for USAT certification! (up to 10 CEU may be submitted per certification period)
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 Earn up to 18 CEU for certification!
 (10 CEU may be submitted per certification period)
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Sample Clip from Dr. Joe Vigil - Training for Endurance Running Events


 18 Hour Videocast: DVD Set includes files for iPhone/iPad®

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Nearly 18 hours of the most cutting-edge and time-tested triathlon knowledge from some of the world’s leading authorities. Recorded at USA Triathlon’s 2012 Art & Science of Triathlon Coaching Symposium, this brand new third series features an array of comprehensive presentations touching on every facet of triathlon coaching and training. Whether you coach elites, age-groupers or paratriathletes, or even if you are just an athlete yourself, this powerful video series is an indispensible resource through which you can discover the peak of performance potential.

Featuring internationally renowned experts: Dr. Joe Vigil, Monique Ryan, Barrie Shepley, Robbie Ventura, Dr. Genadijus Sokolvas, Scott Schnitzspahn, Melissa Mantak, Dr. Massimo Testa, Ian Murray, Bob Seebohar, Sage Rountree, Bobby McGee, Brad Carlson, Gordo Byrn, Julie O'Neill, Derek Grabbert, Mark Sortino, Peter Harsch, Dara Wittenberg and Hunter Kemper.Topics Include:

Topics include: Sports Nutrition, Run Mechanics and Drills, Preparation for Competition to Maximize Performance, Paratriathlon Classifications and Training, Secrets to Speed on the Bike, Yoga for Triathletes, Mental Skills, Periodization, Advanced Swimming Techniques for Elite Athletes, and Testing, Interpretation and Application, Strength Training and many more…

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This videocast was taped live at the 2012 Art & Science of Triathlon International Coaches Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO.  Some of the presentations have been edited to compensate for periodic low lighting conditions.  The slides displayed throughout the series are the actual powerpoint slides used by each presenter and may not display sharply on your screen.  Please refer to the DVD-ROM material for access to full resolution slides.

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