USAT 2008 Art & Science of Triathlon SERIES 1

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12 Hour Videocast: DVD Set includes mp4 files for iPhone/iPad

USAT, America’s governing body of the sport of triathlon, presents “The 2008 Art & Science of Triathlon” lecture series.  This 12 hour international symposium is an in depth look at the most cutting edge techniques and training philosophies brought to you by the leading minds in the sport.   Whether you are a serious athlete or coach, “The 2008 Art & Science of Triathlon” will educate you on the future of triathlon training.

Featured Lectures Include:

  • Peaking and Tapering for Triathlon: Inigo Mujika, PHD
  • Recovery Modalities: Michael Kellman, PHD
  • Training of the Elite Endurance Athlete-Physiology: Randy Wilber, PHD
  • Mental Skills Preparation: Bobby McGee
  • Running Mechanics: Nicholas Romanov, author of “The Pose”
  • Running Mechanics: Bobby McGee
  • Running Debate: Bobby McGee v Nicholas Romanov
  • Metabolic Testing: Bob Seebohar, MS, CSCS, RD, CSSD

Bonus Lectures Include:

  • Dean Karnazes - Ultramarathon Icon
  • Antarctic Mike - Celebrity and Ultra Distance Runner
  • “The Olympic Experience” featuring 2008 Olympic Triathlon Team
    Hunter Kemper, Matt Reed, Jarrod Shoemaker, Julie Ertel, Sarah Haskins, Laura Bennett

This videocast was taped live at the Art & Science of Triathlon International Coaches Symposium in Portland, OR.  Some of the presentations have been edited to compensate for periodic low lighting conditions.  The slides displayed throughout the series are the actual powerpoint slides used by each presenter and may not display sharply on your screen.  Please refer to the DVD-ROM material for access to full resolution slides.
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