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Outer hip stretch. Sitting on the floor, put band around arch of foot and wrap one part of the band around the foot. Lay back on the ground. Hold the end of the band with the same hand as the stretching leg, and the other hand toward the middle of the band. With other leg straight on the ground and toes pointing toward the sky, lower the leg toward the ground across your body. Make sure both shoulders stay on the ground the entire hold.


Coach/Presenter: Proformance Fitness

Playlist Description

PF Recovery Stretch Routine

This stretching routine offers total body flexibility and recovery for after a workout, race, or any high level activity. It incorporates all the major muscle groups and promotes joint health in every phase of training. You will see this routine at the end of most of our recommended workouts.

  • Progress through each stretch, holding each one for 20-30 seconds

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