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6-Time Olympic Coach, Bobby McGee introduces "Triathlon: The Run." First up, Bobby discusses the importance of good run mechanics with an emphasis on how efficiency equals speed. He also talks about the impact training for the other sports in multisport can have on your running.


Coach/Presenter: Bobby McGee

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Triathlon: The Run

One of the world's leading running coaches, McGee breaks down the mechanics of running to help athletes achieve peak run performance. There is a distinct difference between running and running for triathlon. Learn how to incorporate essential form drills and strengthen running specific muscles to help you run faster off the bike!

Coach Spotlight: Bobby McGee

Bobby McGee is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities in running and running for multiport. He's a six-time Olympic coach as well as coach to dozens of top ranked ITU athletes and World Champion Runners of every distance, noted for his incredible ability to motivate and transform athletes by developing scientifically sound training plans that lead them to new performance heights. Bobby is an author, speaker and video personality, as well as owner of Bobby McGee Endurance Sports and High Performance Run Coach for USA Triathlon.

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