PF Metabolic - Conditioning/Power 1

This workout is perfect for building a strong conditioning level for endurance, while building a strong core and improving power. It’s a total body workout with a body control component. To increase the intensity of the workout during building phases of training, use heavier weights and bands, or increase the number if reps per time. Workout progression and reps: Progress through Foam Rolling exercises (1-6) as prescribed by videos
7. Inch Worms x10
8. Spider-Man Steps x10 alternating
9. Diagonal Swing Lifts for 20 seconds then switch sides for 20 seconds
10. Band Bent Over Rows x10
Repeat exercises 9-10
Rest 30 seconds
11. Squat Jumps for 20 seconds
12. Side Hops for 20 seconds
13. In & Out Push Ups x10
Repeat exercises 11-13 
14. Valslide Runners for 60 seconds
15. Bicycle Crunches for 30 seconds
PF Lat Foam Rolling
PF Upper Back Foam Rolling
PF Piriformis/Glutes Foam Rolling
PF Hamstring Foam Rolling
PF Calves Foam Rolling
PF Quad Foam Rolling
PF Inch Worm
PF Spider-Man Steps
PF Diagonal Swing Lifts
PF Band Bent Over Rows
PF Squat Jumps
PF Side Hops
PF Valslide Runners