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NEW RELEASE - Virginia - The birthplace of the nation...and a great place to ride! Join us on an epic ride through the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.


My group just trained with the new Rides: Virginia, Tuesday, Dec 31 for the 1st time.  That is the best training video I have ever used.  The interval training was intense.  I was sore for 2 days.  Maybe that's not so good, but it is testimonial for how motivating it was.
- Alan S.

Received my copy today - it's AWESOME!!! Just like being back at home and a butt-kicker of a workout to boot! Thanks for showcasing such a beautiful place to ride!
- Angie F.

My wife and I just did this ride this Christmas morning while it is 15* outside. Fantastic workout. We really appreciate the 4 different camera angles and the quality of the filming. Awesome job! Brought back great memories of riding in Virginia.
- Robert R.


RIDES VIRGINIA - BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS - Jump into the pack for a workout to test your limits.  Set against colonial-era vistas of rolling fields, stunning farmland and majestic mountansides, RIDES VIRGINIA will challenge you with a barrage of demanding intervals pushed at sizzling, time-trial pace.  Ride to the peak of your potential right here, in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

RIDES VIRGINIA, as with each title in the RIDES series, features a dynamic video dashboard overlay complete with countdown clock, perceived exertion, heart rate zone, and cadence. Designed to work with any stationary cycling set-up, this 70 minute ride includes motivational quotes and coaching tips, as well as optional original music and voice coaching audio tracks that deliver a comprehensive indoor training experience.


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