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In this segment, Bobby talks about cadence and how it is "the purest mechanical indicator of running economy and how to best increase and maintain an optimal rate. Bobby also talks about stride length, how it varies with terrain or fatigue and why cadence should be maintained despite the change of stride length. *Detailed descriptions of each drill and tips for execution can be found within the video before each individual exercise


Coach/Presenter: Bobby McGee
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Coach Spotlight: Bobby McGee

Bobby McGee is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities in running and running for multiport. He's a six-time Olympic coach as well as coach to dozens of top ranked ITU athletes and World Champion Runners of every distance, noted for his incredible ability to motivate and transform athletes by developing scientifically sound training plans that lead them to new performance heights. Bobby is an author, speaker and video personality, as well as owner of Bobby McGee Endurance Sports and High Performance Run Coach for USA Triathlon.

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