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Premiere Episode! TriMinds is an exclusive interview series that brings on the top coaches, experts and talent in multisport to tackle the topics you have in mind. Off-Season Swimming is the topic at hand in this premier episode featuring coaches John Murray and Mark Sortino of Team MPI. This is Part One of a Two-Part Interview. In Part One, learn the essential aspects of off-season swim training, including:
-Components of a triathlon swim session
-Drills and why they work
-What swim equipment is needed and why
-Benchmark testing in the pool


Coach/Presenter: John Murray, Team MPI

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TriMinds: Off Season Training

Here in the triathlon world we don’t like to refer to it as the off-season because there is no “off” season. We’re either in or out of race season but that does not mean we’re not training hard.

In fact, training during the winter months is crucial to our performance come next race season. What you do now can make all the difference as you hope to make 2017 your best season ever, whether that means setting a personal best...qualifying for Kona...or whatever your goals may be.

Well, not to worry. We got you covered! We’ve put together a very special out season playlist that will help you start this year on track and ready to bring it in 2017!

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  • Eric S Feller, 12/17/2014