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Coach/Presenter: Endurance Films, John Murray, Team MPI

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Swim Drill Training Series

Since the majority of triathletes do not have a strong swimming background, working on technique is paramount. In this drill series, Team MPI coach and co-founder John Murray presents a handful of our most recommended drills to help improve your technique, leading to efficiency, reduced effort in the water and better overall performance. 

Include swim drills in your swim training as often as possible. Repetition is key with both perfecting the drill but also incorporating the correct technique into your swim stroke. Having a large library of swim drills means you can work on different parts of your stroke and enjoy the variety. 

Consider switching from drilling to whole stroke swimming after each 25 or 50 so that you can take what you felt in the drill and plug that into your stroke. Allow time (months) for muscle memory and strength to develop as your stroke is modified.

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Swim Drill Training Series Introduction

Swim Drill: Elements of Good Freestyle Technique

Swim Drill: Freestyle - Bad Swimmer

Swim Drill: Head Out-Water Polo

Swim Drill: Sighting

Swim Drill: One Arm Poor Technique

Swim Drill: Dialing it Up - Build

Swim Drill: Hesitation

Swim Drill: Stroke Hesitation

Swim Drill: Forearms in Water

Swim Drill: Fist

Swim Drill: One Arm Freestyle

Swim Drill: One Arm Sculling

Swim Drill: Front Prone Scull

Swim Drill: Sculling Supine Feet First

Swim Drill: Reverse Scull Supine Seated


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