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TBI 2014 Keynote - Gary Rothenbaugh part 8

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0:01 - Opportunity to Diversify

1:35 - The Specialty Retail Market

2:01 - Leveraging Social Media

2:39 - Expanding the Triathlon Market

3:03 - Wrap Up

EF - 0213

  • "Gary Rothenbaugh talks specialty retail markets and leveraging social media in triathlon here→ "[Click To Tweet]
  • "Watch the wrap-up of Gary Rothenbaugh’s 2014 TBI keynote on triathlon marketing here→ "[Click To Tweet]
  • "Gary Rothenbaugh wraps up his 2014 TBI keynote on triathlon marketing. Click to watch→"[Click To Tweet]

Gary Rothenbaugh wraps up his 2014 TBI conference keynote by reiterating the points in his talk. He discusses the specialty retail market in triathlon, leveraging social media and expanding and diversifying the triathlon market worldwide.    


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