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TBI 2014 Keynote - Gary Rothenbaugh part 7

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0:01 - Frequency of Purchase / Product Replacement

1:06 - Bike Buying Habits

2:08 - Nutrition Spending

EF - 0212

  • "How often do triathletes replace stuff? What nutrition products do they buy? Find out here→ "[Click To Tweet]
  • "Gary Rothenbaugh discusses frequency of purchase for triathlon equipment here→"[Click To Tweet]
  • "Where and how often to triathletes spend their money replacing equipment? Click to find out→"[Click To Tweet]

How often do triathletes replace their stuff? What are their bike buying habits? What products do they spend money on for nutrition? Gary Rothenbaugh answers these questions in part 7 of his keynote address at TBI 2014. Click the video to learn more.  


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