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TBI 2014 Keynote - Gary Rothenbaugh part 6

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0:01 - Triathlete Buying Habits

1:43 - Discretionary Spending

3:00 - Spending Variances

EF - 0211

  • "What do triathletes spend their money on? Gary Rothenbaugh discusses current trends here→ "[Click To Tweet]
  • "Learn how triathletes spend their discretionary dollars and how those numbers can vary→"[Click To Tweet]
  • "Gary Rothenbaugh examines the buying habits of traithletes in his TBI 2014 keynote→ "[Click To Tweet]

Gary Rothenbaugh examines the buying habits of triathletes and where they spend their discretionary dollars. How do these trends vary among athletes and by geography? Click the video to learn more.     


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