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Triathlon open water swimming, how to properly  navigate and sight in a deeper water.

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0:15 Importance of navigation and sighting

0:41 How to not lose your orientation in an open water

1:02 Lifting your head

1:10  Swim with your eyes closed.

1:34 Keeping a straight line in open water

2:01 Using landmarks

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NEVER cover more distance than you absolutely have to in a Triathlon. One of the hardest skills to learn while Triathlon swimming is how to navigate and sight while doing open water swimming. Watch this videos to learn some drills and exercises that will help you practice your open water swimming.

Sighting and breathing are most commonly done together, but this video shows you new techniques that will ensure that you do both while swimming in a straight line.

This is a video from endurance films open water swim training series. For more information visit:


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