Camel Pose, or Ustrasana is a simple kneeling pose that opens your hips and stimulates digestion. Camel pose is said to benefit the circulatory, nervous and endocrine.

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0:10 camel pose

0:20 reach for your hill

1:15 child’s pose

1:50 drape your spine back

2:28 back up to the knees

3:18 child pose to decompress

3:43 IT band flow

4:41 move with an inhalation

5:15 bring the hands to the left

6:00 exhale and return the hands down

7:05 inhale and lift up 

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In this routine from the video version of the best-selling book, Author and Coach, Sage Rountree, guides the athlete through a series of centering exercises designed to focus the body and mind. To get more information on the full video, please visit:  


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