Petunia was the name of my very first, high class, road bike! Being that I have not road the dear thing in over 6 months, I decided it was time to pass the torch and let someone else get introduced into the world of triathlon.Petunia brought me into the world of triathlon. She taught me how to bike with clips and pedals, how to fall, how to speed up, and how to slow. She taught me how to get into "aero" position and how to really piss guys off by passing them. She even took me on my first 100 mile bike ride. Funny how just this past weekend, 2 years later, I finally participated in my SecondCentury Ride. The last time I road my dear Petunia was 100 miles--Thats how good she was to me. Now, I am parting with my beloved Specialized, Womens edition, amazing bike. However, I am not parting with my saddle! I took that for both memory and miles of comfort! Here are some of my memories with my dear Petunia:  [caption id="attachment_2510" align="aligncenter" width="208"] Petunia on her first ride ever!

Her first attempt at Time-Trialing a 40K!
Her first OLYMPIC triathlon![/caption]  
  I will miss my dear old Roadie! You have been nothing but comfort, education, and power!


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